Issue #96 February 4th - 17th

The psychosis of other people
Sometimes I worry about psychosis or the onset of schizophrenia. I heard somewhere that in many cases it only appears in the late '20's, in which I still have a while to fidget nervously about it.
By Johan Hugo

Merry lines in the sky
And the feeling I have about that moment is that even if we had discovered the treasure at the end of the rainbow just then I wouldn't have been surprised, I would have just bounce or clapped my hands.
By Dimitra Daisy

A handy human phrase book
The human language is not easy to understand so to help you out I have put together a helpful phrase book full of everyday phrases to help you get by.
By Belle

First Blood
She's a good person, a good woman, and she can do much better than me and what I am, for I am nothing and she says I'm no nothing I'm beautiful and funny and kind and I say you don't even know me...
By Tom Bickell

The Elections in Iraq
The Iraqis who turned out to vote despite bombings and mortar attacks by Islamic fundamentalists did show amazing bravery. That's only half the story though.
By Duncan McFarlane

The bus smells of pee
...and as my right eye left him I saw a girl who made me laugh although I only smiled outside and did a bit of a guffaw inside and she had an orange bag, like from a shop, it was the first thing I noticed because she was swinging it so fast.
By Marylou

Live review #1: The Boyfriends @ the Manchester Day and Night Cafe
It's a regimented, pounding, almost military salvo of sonic exhilaration. 'There Is Always Hope' sings Martin Wallace, and you know what, for once in my life, I think that there is.
By Johnny Mac

Live review #2: The Rivulets @ the Tin Angel
It feels as if the best place to listen would be a darkened bedroom. I've never seen Mark Kozelek or Red House Painters live, but I'd imagine it's not too dissimilar an experience.
By Grant Lakeland

Record review #1: The Would-be-goods (The morning after)
I just wanted you to know what (I think) a friend of mine meant when he said that 'The morning after' is an example of how indiepop grows up.
By Dimitra Daisy

Record review #2: Clayhill (Moon I hide single)
La caldera de baja temperatura limita la temperatura de calentamiento del agua a entre 40*C y 50*C (en comparacion con los 60*C a 90*C de otros modelos de gas). Esto resulta en un ahorro de combustible de alrededor del 20%. Es mas eficiente que una caldera de gas estandar, pero aun asi menos eficiente que una caldera de condensacion. Comprar caldera. Instalacion de la calefaccion. Atencion, desde la aplicacion de la Directiva europea de diseno ecologico en 2015, las calderas de baja temperatura se estan sustituyendo gradualmente por calderas de condensacion. El coste de una caldera de gas de baja temperatura es de entre 1.000 y 4.000 euros.

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