Who is who in the world of the friends of the heroes?


Paul Williamson

The boy who can argue with himself

The things he's

Favourite Band:
(was/is/always will be) The Smiths
His Favourite Website:
Red Issue (unofficial MUFC website)

This is why we stay alive. Think about it. It's not what we've done, it's what we might do, it's not where we've failed, it's where we might at last succeed, it's not the previous page in the book that holds the beauty and the hope.


Dimitra Daisy

The girl who can't stay still (or in one country at least)

The things she's said

Favourite website:
Stolen kisses
Other website she works for:

I've thought about it a lot and I concluded that this is what what innocence is all about: the feeling that you are new to things and all the enthusiasm and romanticism in approach that this results in. I have also concluded that this is a situation in which you can find yourself forever.


Ian Anscombe

The boy who is insaner than most

The things he's

Favourite Bands: Saint Etienne, Yo La Tengo, Mercury Rev, Camera Obscura, Leonard Cohen, B&S
His Website & Mailing list:
Spacecadets & Spacecadets
If you're any sort of hero, you'll be fighting for what you believe in. You'll get tired, and worn down by the world. There's always somebody to tell you you're wrong....You can't always save the world. But you're a hero, so that won't stop you trying.


Rachel Queen

The girl who lives with the crazy dog

The things she's said

Favourite Bands:
           Belle & Sebastian

There are a number of things that I am sure of in life:
"1) I will win the lottery one day
2) The whole world should be forced to listen to Belle and Sebastian and watch Dave Gorman daily.
3) If people could be just a little happier, the world would be a better place."



The dog who lives with the crazy girl

The things she's said

Food, Walks, Food, Pigeons, oh and Food
Favourite Website:

"Don't trust a mushroom in chicken's clothing"


Sister Janice

Our disco-loving ex-nun-cosmic-adventurer agony aunt
The things she's said

Space travel, alternative gardering, exploring the Healing Powers Of Retrospective Dance Music

"There's no shame in wanting happiness. Its just best not to look for it in a glass containing ANYTHING that happens to be made from distilled rocket fuel. Take it from me.


Grainne Lynch

The girl who we love for her enthusiasm

The things she's

Her Website:

Sometimes I think I would be happy to just keep doing that - keep creating something that I'm proud of every week. And sometimes I want to do more.



The girl who is outer than out of the ordinary

The things she's said

Her Website: Mab Of Dream
Her favourite website:Witchgrove

I can make tea, dish out moral support, hold coats and feed any number of pets. I can even tell the stories.



The boy who steals shadows

The things he's said

"If I could meet just one girl who wore a blue beret, somehow it would all turn out okay. I've never wanted much from life, but suddenly today I found out that this one thing I do want."


Duncan McFarlane

The boy who we worry about for his love of horses, swords and semtex

The things he's said

Favourite website:
The A-Team Shrine

When making claims that are generally believed or made by those in power almost no-one will ever ask for any evidence. When making claims that contradict those in power or widely held beliefs about 'the facts' no amount of evidence will ever be sufficient to convince many people.


Johnny Mac

merely clinging to the wreckage of youth

The things he's said

Favourite Bands:
The Smiths, The Wedding Present, Cowboy Junkies, The House of Love, George Jones, Pele and Amsterdam
Favourite websites:
every hit, music plasma, nice cup of tea and a sit down

"I actually feel sorry for people who haven't had their heart broken, these are the times when you feel most alive. When you are completely and utterly in awe of someone, or totally devastated by them"

Other Contributors

Emily Ann Potter - The girl who writes about exotic fruit and unfaithful moons
Bob Young - The boy who tells it like it is
Tom Bickell - The boy who breaks hearts with his stories about love
Sonia Luthold - The girl who introduced us to wak
Ricky MacFarlane - The boy who invented messenger karoake
David Strange - The boy who runs around like Tin-tin
Stefano Santabarbara - The boy with the italian connection


The Photographers

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