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War on terror, war for profits or World War Three?
That’s Bush and Blair, our modern day Griswalds, lost in the desert of Iraq, seeing ‘weapons of mass destruction’ where there are none, and linking the former Iraqi government to September 11th and anthrax attacks despite the FBI's (yes, that FBI) insiste

War on terror, war for profits or World War Three? (Part Two)
However democracy isn't just a system - it's an ideology. If people don't believe in it they'll overthrow it or vote it out of existence. Occupation and repression only strengthen nationalist and fundamentalist movements.

Unhappy Second Birthday for the War on Terror
'If you choose to respond to this incomprehensible brutality by perpetrating violence against other innocent human beings you may not do so in the name of my husband'.

The Anti-War Candidates - Phony and Genuine
If American voters are left with a choice between Wesley Clark and George W Bush it will be no real choice - only a choice of which rhetoric they want to cover the same murderous 'war on terror'.

The Gaza Bombings and The War on Terror
The main obstacles to peace are those who remain in power by promoting further conflict - Arafat, Sharon and the Bush administration.

Beginning of the End of the Age of Endless Greed and Endless War
people have had enough of the 'There is no alternative' line at home and the bogey man abroad. As British and American soldiers and reservists continue to die in wars which are of no benefit to anyone but a tiny handful of corporate executives and shareho

The Anti-War Movement , Political Strategy , The Media and The Intelligence Services
The only way to defeat Bush and Blair is to undermine them politically to the extent that they lose elections - that can only be done peacefully and won't happen till new elections are held (probably next year on both sides of the Atlantic).

Enjoying Freedom - At Home and Abroad
The 'war on terror' is supposedly about defending our freedom at home and providing freedom and human rights to the victims of tyranny abroad - 'humanitarian intervention' just like the Kosovo war. This is a lovely story and sometimes, by coincidence, it

Some Taxing Questions-Our countries become wealthier every day - so why is life getting harder for the majority?
Of course both camps are talking bollocks. The public, as usual, are far more perceptive and progressive than smug newspaper columnists.

It is white
"Cod are not very good swimmers so they are easily overtaken by trawlers and nets." - British government report on why cod fish are disappearing from the North Sea.

Tortured use of the word 'democracy'
According to President Bush 'The torture chambers and the secret police are gone forever' from Iraq. Now this is 'double-speak' - stating the exact opposite of the truth as in Orwell's book '1984' - since both secret police and torture cells remain but t

I did not have Sexual Relations with that Dossier
Saint Tony went unto the Media and he was very Wroth saying 'Lo I appointed the Judge and decided what charges I should face and Behold has there not been a Miracle for I have been found Not Guilty on all charges.

Butler - Will Wash Whiter Than Hutton or Your Backbench Rebels
Blair believes he has been 'vindicated' by the Hutton report but the public disagree.

Arming the Axis of Evil -Are British and American Intelligence involved in promoting nuclear proliferation?
The notorious Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) went bankrupt after it's involvement in massive fraud and the laundering of drug money was revealed in 1992. Now it has been linked to funding Pakistan's nuclear programme

Natural Causes and No Third Parties?
Internal investigations by the MoD frequently come to the conclusion that the cause of death was 'natural causes' or 'suicide' whether the deceased are Iraqi civilians or British soldiers.

A Furious Cycle of Killing
A new poll of Iraqis has been reported as showing that a majority want the occupying forces to stay. If you actually read this poll in full you find out it says something very different.

Who's afraid of a peaceful world?
On the 22nd of March, in a scene which sounds more like some science fiction of a horrific future conflict than reality, an unmanned drone fired missiles which blew a 67 year old man in a wheelchair to pieces as he returned from his daily prayers

An Endless Spiral
“More violence will cause more violence and this will be an endless spiral” - Adnan Pachachi, Iraqi Governing Council

Selective Condolences, Unremarkable Genocides
if American soldiers are killed in combat that is held to justify killing civilians. How well would that defence hold up if the accused were Serb or Iraqi forces rather than Americans?

Denial all over again
Revelations about American and British torture in Iraq echo the shock over the My Lai massacre in Vietnam. Then as now the American government and military claimed that the atrocity was the result of a few soldiers out of control. In both cases senior

Democratic Propaganda -
Berg, Pearl, Abu Ghraib, Lancashire & Rafah

Noam Chomsky has argued that dictatorships don’t require sophisticated propaganda – relying on force and threats.

El Salvador in Iraq
Some of the Americans and Iraqis now running Iraq have a long history of organising torture and massacre - in some cases going back as far as El Salvador and Chile in the 1980s - and Vietnam in the 70s