Reviews - week 9

Onward Cover

The German Exchange

Onward (Demo Cd)

When I first received the CD I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Track names like “the horror” unfortunately conjured up visions of Michael Jackson moon-walking. The German Exchange, however, are nothing to do with Michael Jackson, nor are they bunch of school children as my dad thought when I told him about them(at least I don’t think they are) but they are an upbeat very promising Indie band. The band is made up of 5 members who claim that they “are not a band whose brilliant rhetoric disguises a lack of imagination in their songs”.

“Onward” begins by crashing into "The national” a lively guitar driven tune with a catchy drum beat a and hum along tune with lyrics not to be taken lightly. The CD doesn’t lose momentum the whole way through. Deep throaty vocals combine with echoey spoken words and swim around bass lines intermittent cymbol crashes to leave your ear drums pulsating and your fingers tapping.

If you want to find out more I suggest you either pop along to see them play this Tuesday (details can be found here). Or keep an eye on future issues of the friends of the heroes as we will be bringing you an interview with band members as well as a chance to win this CD.

Rachel Queen



Vitesse Cover


What can not be, but is...

(Acuarela Records)

Things this record made me think of (in order of appearance):

-Blue skies as seen from windows that overlook big, rather grey cities
-White -not fluffy- clouds staining these skies
-Cups of very strong coffee rather late in the morning
-Half-read books you're not quite sure you want to finish
-Boys with rather colourful clothes and sad smiles, with whom I would want to fall in love but who would make me wonder if they're sweet enough
-Cafes that look cool and well hidden in the streets of said rather grey cities
-Benches by rivers that run through those cities, too
-The stories you would tell me if we were sitting on them with nothing to do for a few hours, which would probably have a dark edge
-The way I would try to make them brighter, but subtly
-The way you would go silent after the sun set because you like to watch the sky change colours carefully
-The way I would go silent, while dreaming of a brighter world, as always
-The way What can not be, but is... could well be the perfect soundtrack to this all, with its rather catchy and dreamy-but-cool synth-pop melodies and somber-yet evocative lyrics.

Dimitra Daisy


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