Reviews - week 8



I'm Jill's smirking revenge - split 7" (A Side)

(Transformed Dreams)

Seedling are a three girl, one boy band from Amsterdam in Holland, and before recieving this split 7" single I hadn't heard any of their pervious material. Of course, that isn't a bad thing as one of my favourite things to do is get a record by a band I've never heard of and then realise it's fantastic. I did it with the mighty Chemistry Experiment and now, it seems, I have done it with Seedling. Seedling's sound reminds me of bands like Sleater Kinney and the Breeders. Replete with catchy, harmonised vocals and guitars, it's a song that easily slips into your mind and not so easily slips out again. Seedling have already released their debut album and I would strongly advise people to check it out. On the basis of this songs pop credentials, it's bound to be a instant pop classic. It's feel-good music for a feel-good pop generation of kids, which in a time of war and unrest is no mean thing.



Dayglo Superstars

Action Hero - split 7" (B Side)

(Transformed Dreams)

Much like Seedling, on the other side of this yellow coloured vinyl is a band called Dayglo Superstar. Let's be honest, I had never heard of Dayglo Superstar either. But then again, when did that ever put me off? Dayglo are a London based band from North london, and, like other London based pop bands such as Baxendale, Hefner and my old favourites the Clientele, Dayglo Superstar offer a fantastic slice of indie pop that compliments the 'a' side of this record totally. It's yet another heavenly slice of 2 minute pop which, of course, sounds great on vinyl and should only be enjoyed on vinyl. This is only the band's second ever release and, taking that into account, it still features some very strong and passionate vocals, and proffers that ultimate pop touch that Transformed Dreams seem to be so good at releasing. Excellent.

David Strange


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