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The Boyfriends

Demo Recordings: 'A Fearless Heart', and 'Once Upon A Time'

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Well, kids, it's almost the end of the year, and you don't need me to tell you that it has been a year where a lot of good things have happened in popular music. Admittedly there has been a lot of rubbish as well, there always is, but this year wading through all that crap to find the good stuff seems to have been a little easier. There have been memorable comebacks from old favourites, and there has been a wealth of exciting new music to pleasure our ears. I'm not really going to go on naming names because, well, frankly there just isn't the time or space here, but I will say that perhaps, nay, absolutely the most exciting prospect to emerge in the last year is without doubt The Boyfriends.

I am going to resist the urge to wax lyrical about just how brilliantly innovative, passionate, and hopefully optimistic they are, I'll not tell you how despite all the positive elements of the lyrics they retain an edge of musical melancholia that compliments the music perfectly, it'll be hard, but I will. I'm not going to tell you how they are carefully and cleverly crafting songs of self hope and self belief, I'm not going to allude to how their song writing is consistently brilliant - to be compared to the great British songwriters of recent years, the Ray Davies', the Lloyd Coles, The Morrisseys and the Marrs - you can see what I said about all that here...

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All I will say is that The Boyfriends are a band that you should check out immediately, they have two new songs available for FREE download from their site, and that is here, and I assure you that they will not disappoint.

I will not review the songs here, I'll just trust you to go and download them, listen to them and make up your own mind. I have that much faith in this band, they're going all the way to the top kid, all the way.


Johnny Mac

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Thee Moths

Sand In Our Pockets

Total Gaylord Records


Breath in deep. Let the clean fresh sound fill your lungs. Breathe out and let your troubles leave your body as you take comfort in the tranquillity of the music which mirrors the natural beauty of the universe.

Ladies and gentlemen, you are listening to "Thee Moths", who although they seem to have a line-up which changes more often than the weather they are primarily a Scottish-Canadian duo of Alex Botten and Dominique Ferraton.

Their new E.P. "Sand in our Pockets" is a simple and sweet lo-fi recording that weaves gentle guitars and endearing vocal harmonies. It begins with "Universe Prayer"  which trips through a whimsical conversation between a lost soul and the universe.

"the path is there beneath your feet, walk far and free."

By contrast the "The Stream", the third song on the E.P. tells the story of a man very much at one with his surroundings. The splendour of the surroundings are described in vivid detail to a backdrop of an understated yet dramatic drumbeat.

Sand in our pockets is proof that life doesn't need to be complicated and hi-tech. In fact it is proof that it is better when it is not.


Rachel Queen

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