Week 66



Chargr/ What, you've never seen snow before?

Fortuna POP!


"In an era when almost everything is quite like something else, Bearsuit are not quite like anything" - John Peel

Ooh, he would have liked this.

So then, partial as I am to a bit of deranged childhood, all your eggs in one indie basket, lo-fi screaming pop nonsense, this record is really, really spoiling me.

Bulldozing their way into smash hit producing pop factories, Bearsuit have rummaged through boxes of manufactured number ones, stuffed the tunes down their underpants, before ramming them backwards through amplifiers, splattering on wonky guitar lines, high pitched girly screaming and some wide eyed boy vocals. But, amongst all this glorious dischord and cutie lo-fi mental-ness are tunes, tunes aimed straight for our little pop hearts.

'Chargr' sounds like the best pop song, ltd edition vinyl, can't make its mind up, 'Fuck you' to marketed chart pop pap ever. Changing direction about 17 times through thunderous drums and boy/girl vocals sparing into frantic guitar and helium induced singing before doing the whole thing again. I can't believe anyone wouldn't love this record.

'What, you've never seen snow before' betrays the frantic nature set by the a-side a little, if you could imagine Bearsuit carol singing on your doorstep then this is it.

Bearsuit are, basically, your best 20 ideas ever in about 2 minutes.

Ian Cowen
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