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Past lovers

S L Records

"Past lovers" is taken off ballboy's recently released album "the sash my father wore and other stories". The tender memories of two lovers filled with hope as they bravely embrace the present moment are recounted to a backdrop of cellos and violins and a gently strummed acoustic guitar. The vocals of Gordon McIntyre echo light into the dark backdrop of the song. The cello emits silky strands, which wrap around the heart causing it to ache. And the song sores and falls rocketing emotions from high to low. It is impossible to describe the strong, bold images and the depth of emotion that I felt when I first heard this song so I shall stop there and move onto the next.

The next being the old favourite from the band, "I lost you, but I found country music" which is given a new twist by the appearance of Laura Cantrell. Originally recorded as part of a Peel session in December 2003.

The single finishes with "The Angels" and the storytelling side of the band really kicks in with a quirky tail accompanied by a lone guitar. The song tells the story of a country and western singer whose first song about a dog that died was met by tears. Despite early rejection it didn't stop him from "living his life for whisky and guitars".

The single will be released on April 26th by S L Records.

Rachel Queen





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