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Track and Field Organisation

I often marvel at the way musicians can compose music. Although I can listen to something and think: "Yes, thatís good. That makes me feel something" I have no imagination when it comes to arranging music. Homescience, on the other hand, are the sort of group who have an overabundance of imagination.

Jungling, the third album from the Edinburgh based band, has a happy go lucky feel that seems so natural itíll melt your worries. Each song is made up of an unlikely collection of instruments and gadgets. Each producing its own unique and distinct sound. On their own these sounds are a bunch of misshaped misfits but place them in the hands of Homescience you begin to see a rather magical jigsaw puzzle. And just like a jigsaw puzzle it is not until you look closely at each song that you realise everything that it is made up of.

But that is only the start.

The album is beautifully zany displaying a tenderness and compassion which will take you back to childhood games. The almost random string of words conjure up the kind of enchanted world that seems to get lost past adulthood:

"Sandals and watching frogs jumping to be apart
Late nights and fireflies stretching to be apart"

This is music for anyone in need of a holiday but without the time to leave the house.

Rachel Queen





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