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Bitter club ep

Matinee Records

For those of you scratching your head and wondering if you are in the right place let me reassure you that this isnít the homepage for Pipas, the duo who were so eloquently described as the creators of "bagel pop" in last weekís issue. Such a music genre is too good to waste so I decided to tell you about their new EP 'Bitter Club'.

The EP, far from being bitter, is full of sweet light bagel-pop (it's going to catch on). It bounces, it weeps and it manages to interwine distorting and electrical fuzz with honey melodies that melt in the mouth.

Beginning with a sharp intake of breath the EP races quickly but exuberantly through the bubbly opening number 'Mental'. Lupe's vocals are, as ever, guilelessly pure and sparkle throughout the EP. 'Bitter club' itself plays with warped noises while the lyrics, sung by Mark, tell a slightly forlorn tale. The words "I took the day off work today to see the world in a better way" reflect the introspective observant feeling created by the song. The song 'Jean C' is genuine honest and natural and produces beauty through the simple admission of love.

'Bitter club' contains a distincitive charm that comes from the contrast between the almost apologetic but irrepressibly exuberant nature of the band. It is undeniable one of the best examples of bagel-pop that Iíve ever heard.

Rachel Queen





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