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Golden square

Annika Records

First of all, what are we talking about?
We're talking about the shy & serious third album by the Pipas, that is, 'Golden Square'.

Who are Pipas?
Pipas are Mark Powell and Lupe Nunez-Fernandez and also the people who make me wish I lived in East London so I could be their neighbour & maybe their friend.

What instruments do the band use?
Guitars, drum machines, occasional drummers and other things I don't know the names of. Note that they are rumoured to disregard the use of amplifiers. Oh, and their ability to pronounce each word so charmingly it sounds like candy...

Right invent a genre for this band, go on, you know you've always wanted to...
That's easy! Bagel pop. Or maybe donut & marmalade pop, or Telegraph Hill pop. Whichever gives you the right feeling.

What is the right feeling?
Imagine it's just past noon, the weather's almost nice and you're on top of a hill overlooking London: you feel you're king (or queen) of the world just then but you know you'll never be able to convince anyone about it. You can't even tell them - you're on your own cause all your friends are at work, and you're too nice to text them and make them jealous.

What season does this music suit?
British summer and autumn everywhere (but only while it's not too cold.) And warm sunny winter days. And I don't know about spring - I haven't had the chance to try it yet.

What colour does it make you think of?
Deep red, brown, deep yellow and the green of London parks. And if I'm allowed to be poetic, the white of icing sugar!

Quote some lyrics which sum up the CD.
"They don't call us the Marine girls, no / we're called Pipas, the Pipas show!"

Imagine the CD is a person.

What sort of clothes would they wear?
Oh, something casual, fun and sweet, colourful but not too bright and probably check, too.

What would kind of personality would they have?
They'd have mood swings, and they'd also be bitter & sweet. Spontaneous, fun and really quite charming. With the sort of charm that makes you feel better about life. Actually I'd quite like to meet them. And probably fall in love and marry them.

Would you fall in love with them?
I already have!

Ok last chance: give me 5 adjectives to sum up this CD...
More adjectives... oh dear... It is, ummm, lovable. Yellow (and brown). Short. Slightly odd. Magical.

Questions by Rachel Queen,
answers by Dimitra Daisy





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