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Liberty Ship

The Tide

Matinee Records

Isn't life peculiar? Our society is of our own making so I am led to believe and yet commercial success and genuine musical talent do not go hand in hand. You can be fairly musically inept and yet with the correct money-base behind you, the music buying public at large are led to believe that you are exactly what they want to hear. Conversely you can produce a collection of 12 extremely well written songs which are then played with musical aplomb and you may never be appreciated except by the discerning few.

Thank god for outfits like Matinee that give such talents like Nottingham based, Liberty Ship a chance. There is not a bad track on this release and the whole album grows with every subsequent hearing. It may not be to everybody's taste particularly if you like your music loud and heavy. However if well written lyrics and beautifully crafted songs are what you expect, you are in for a treat.

Rachel Eyres provides the lead vocals on three tracks which instantly grab you with their simple beautiful style but perhaps the talent of singer-song writer, Marc Elston is the real mainstay of this fine little album. His catchy pop/rock songs compete with one another as to which one is the best. 'Baseball Caps and Novas' can not fail to appeal. Its hurried pace and distinctive lyrics are delivered by both voices in total compliment. 'Chords drag you down' is another track with instant appeal but it still grows considerably on future hearings. 'Finer Feelings', the opening track is superb and provides the listener with an accurate picture of what is to come. But 'Cabin fever' may just edge into first place. Intelligent pop at its best.

Chart music sells not because it is good but because it is constantly being given air play. This music is very good. All you have to do is to give it, the air play yourself.

D Jo





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