Reviews - Week 37

Blueskins Cover

The Blueskins

Magic Rd EP


Frenetic and jangly bluesy punk rockers The Blueskins have created a brilliant collection of seventies tinged songs in the 'Magic Rd EP'. From the hard-edged folk-rock of 'Ellie Meadows' to the chaotic fun of 'Can't Get Down' this EP is a treat to the ears. The ease they display in slipping between styles while keeping up the energy makes this EP stand head and shoulders above the mainstream of new rock. The echoes of Detroit and the music of 1970?s can clearly be heard but this diminishes the impact not a jot. Especially good, for my money, is the blues metal sounds of 'Lager And Lime' that cram powerchords and passion into a blistering two and a half minutes.

Number 23
Can't Get Down
Love My Guitar
Ellie Meadows
Lager And Lime



Cornerstones Cover

The Cornerstones

Smack Me In The Face


This, the debut release from the west London five-piece, is not the track you might imagine from the title. I am well aware that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover but I was all geared up for an aural assault of speaker blowing noisecore or at least a mind boggling BPM. As you have already guessed, that didn't happen. Instead what oozed from my stereo was more akin to Crowded House given a splash of prog rock and left to marinade nicely for 48 hours. When I had reset my expectations accordingly I found 'Smack Me in The Face' a pleasantly lilting experience. It was an experience that continued with the other songs on the single. The Cornerstones create a passionate yet gentle vibe that blends depth with confidence.

Smack Me In The Face
Standing While I'm Tired
The Chosen Class



White Stripes Cover

The White Stripes

The Hardest Button To Button

XL Recordings

Jack and Meg bring us more authentic modern blues-rock from 'Elephant', an album that is a major contender for any album of the year poll...

'The Hardest Button...' is true to form for the Stripes - with the exception of the added bass that adds an even rawer, rumbling edge - with the energy upfront and the effect of the 'period' recording techniques giving a patina of the seventies without sounding at all dated. Also, featured on the single is version of the Soledad Brothers 'St. Ides Of March' recorded as a soundcheck for a show in Berlin in April. The track is slow and bluesy, graduating to a passionate fury - and again is staggering to listen to.

Release Date : 17 November 2003

The Hardest Button To Button
St. Ides Of March
The Hardest Button To Button (Video)

Bob Gray



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