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Mr Airplane Man

Mr Airplane Man

Peel Session
(February 25th 2003)

(Sympathy For The Record Industry Records)

Before hearing this session (which was broadcast on Tuesday 25/02/03) on the wonderful John Peel show on Radio 1 I hadn't really heard anything about Mr Airplane Man, apart from a review in the NME. There I read that they were a band from Detroit, where most of my favourite bands seem to come from these days (they must put something in the water that makes bands play brilliant 60's garage rock). I trusted that the band would be great and by Jove I was not let down, MAM are fantastic!

In the vain of the White Stripes, they are just a drummer and lead guitar player and like the Stripes (again) this doesn't seem to come across in the volume or in the way they play. MAM music is typical garage blues.

Okay so I know MAM don't sound all that fantastic, they don't exactly sound new and fresh, but to my young ears they sound great nonetheless. Obviously I, and many other readers of this, weren't around during the Hay day or rock and roll the 50's - 60's, when Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly etc etc doing their thing... But I feel that, like fashion, music these days seems to be going back to the "good old days when rock and roll was king" (to quote an ELO lyric).

MAM songs rely on a great guitar work and sensational drumming, they sound loud and sleazy, rock and roll at its finest. The great thing about them is the soul they put into their music. It's great to hear a band play with such passion and belief. And that is why I love all these Detroit bands: because they all manage to play with soul and passion and belief that what they are doing is new and fresh. For us the music fans this can only be a good thing.


David Strange
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