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Pow! to the people cover

Various Artists

Pow! to the people - Cd

Track & Field Records

‘A snapshot of how a couple of pop fanatics got carried away over a few beers and decided there was more to pop life than the throwaway world of the fashion conscious London music scene...’

I strongly believe that a lot of good can come out of fanatical obsession (as long as it is of the healthy kind rather than of the collection of human kidney’s or other body parts kind.) The Track & Field organisation just reaffirm my belief that this is the case. The organisation was born from love, devotion and the desire to here “the music you never hear on the radio” in 1999 with the opening of the Track & Field club.

Although the original Track & Field London club shut its doors for the last time on the 23rd of May this year, this compilation remains a refuge for the bands pushed to edge of the music scenes and the listeners who gravitate towards them.

The compilation contains 28 bands who appeared at a Track & Field events over the years. The songs include rare and exclusive tracks from the likes of The Aislers Set, The Clientele, Butterflies of Love, Saloon and Dressy Bessy. Each track fits together as comfortably as a hand in a glove. The compilation contains whimsical twinkling tunes such mother superior teardrop factory by homescience, the melancholy you will be safe by James William Hindle and even country classics in the form of Galveston performed here by Ladybug Transitor.

A nice of collection of songs for anyone wishing to nostalgically remember the days of track and field, or for that matter, for anyone who just likes good pop music.



4 Songs cover


4 Songs

S L Records

Desc is made up of 5 members (3 of whom played together in Khaya) and began life in 2001. They released their first album “up in here in the heats” to “critical bewilderment”. There music has been described as a mix of folk and punk rock by some or sonic youth on speed by others. Knowing this it was with intrigue and slight bafflement that I first listened to this CD.

Their latest release “4 song’s by Desc”, is exactly what it says it is, in much the same way that Ronseal quick drying wood stain does exactly what it says on the tin. The minimalist feel of both the cover and the title is reflected strongly in the music where lyrics and melodies are repeated almost mantra style giving the feel of a tribal war dance.

Each song is laced with staccato strings, marching percussion, primal beat and twisted, slightly warped lyrics. The music sucks you into a slightly sinister world of confusion and uncertainty where a cello moans softly and tortured voices float off on the breeze. The relentless pounding of each track could be tiring if it was not for the expectant anticipation that accompanies each beat and the beauty of voice of Helena Macglip’s which soars through the almost desolate darkness adding lightness and hope.

This limited edition EP will be released on the 18th of August but anyone who is too impatient to wait that long should be advised that they can go to desc’s next gig on the 4th august at the liquid rooms where they will be playing with Gorky’s zygotic mynki as part of the Edinburgh fringe festival.

Rachel Queen




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