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Secret Home Party cover

Various Artists

Secret Home Party 7"

Little Pad Records

This is a 7" compilation of five north-American indiepop bands on a Japanese label, which I bought in Athens at a Fosca gig. This goes to show that Nick is right when he says we are the internet generation, which in each turn is quite exciting, but anyway: it is also yet another record I bought because of the boy's selling it t-shirt (red with yellow writing which read 'try a little sunshine') and smile (happy, shiny). That was quite a while ago but since the single resurfaced now that I've moved I thought I may as well tell you about it... so here it goes:

This compilation sounds exactly like its name suggests. That is, as if the five bands (Mirah, Jen Turrell, Dear Nora, The Oliver Brown Trio and Dennis Driscoll) happened to drop by your house and to then take turns to play a tune each in your front room. Lo-fi and innocent, sweet and straightforward, the vocals often out of key - think of badly recorded, slightly tipsy Hunky Dory or of the Moldy Peaches (the Oliver Brown Trio especially reminded me of them) - maybe a little hard to like and yet the sort of pop that would put a smile on my face on any morning.

If nothing else it's worth buying for the lovely sleeve (and the time and effort it must have taken to make): there's a drawing of a flying car with wings and the names of the artists floating in the sky printed in dreamy blue ink and hand-made letters (each cut out of different-coloured carton and stuck on the cover in different combinations on each copy, too) that spell 'Secret Home Party'! And as if this wasn't enough, the compilation comes with all sorts of little coloured bits of paper with hand-written or type-writer typed lyrics and information on the band and the label, which leads me to believe the Little Pad people must have a lot of time on their hands and that they sure do have a good imagination!

Dimitra Daisy




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