Reviews - week 2

Counting Backwards Leads to Explosions/Mum Cover


Split 7"

(Transformed Dreams)

out on 3/3/2003

Zea (Counting Backwards Leads to Explosions)
I always have fantasies about being in an electro-pop band, where everyone wears the same synchronised clothes and never really smiles on stage or looks like they are having fun. Well Zea are nothing like this! Unlike most electro-pop bands they don't seem to take themselves very seriously. However, their song on this split 7" is great, keyboard beats and bouncy pop guaranteed to get you dancing. The vocals are sort of Kraftwerk-like, all computerised and sound as if they come from the future. This in my eyes is certainly a good thing. Zea make me think of how music should sound now we are in the 21st century, and I love them for that simple pleasure.

Persil (Mum)
Persil are the other band on this split 7" and their song Mum is a sweet slice of synth indie pop. The beat is as catchy as a cold and Martine's vocals are bound to melt even the most wintery heart, and bring a beautiful summery smile to your face.

The great thing about this 7" is that both bands are Dutch and so is the label: proof that not every great new band needs to come from the other side of the pond!
Us Europeans know how to make perfectly indie pop 7"s too.


Squirrel Ep Cover


The squirrel EP (six track cd)

( Fierce Panda)

out on 3/3/2003

Fierce Panda are in my humble opinion one of the UK's leading indie labels, who don't mind taking a risk or two when releasing various artist EP's, like this one. The squirrel EP marks nine years of such (fantastic) releases, which, in the past, have had bands like Interpol, Bright Eyes and Ash on them.

The squirrel EP has 6 new British bands who play as powerfully and loudly as any of our American counterparts. The songs all have real soul and a certain angst to them: every time I play this cd I want to scream along with the vocals are jump up and down or do something.

The Squirrel Ep is truly powerful stuff.


David Strange
(whom you should email in case you want to send your demo to be reviewed on the friends of the heroes)





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