Reviews - week 16


La vie vie Cover

Barry Gemso Experience

La vie vie - Cd Lp

(Siesta Records)

Imagine La Via Vie as a tour of bars in a city at the border of France and Spain, or maybe a South-American colony, a place frozen in time and space. Your guide for the tour is a dandy but charming stranger. This bizarre stranger will murmuring to you, a soft tune, based on jazzy bossa and latin guitars. It is difficult to catch the tune at times as it blends with the words of the people on the road, it mixes with the noise of smashing cocktails glasses, and gets buried in the conversations of the guests laying on the lounge coach. It is time to move to the next place, waiting for another vodka and orange, or maybe a martini this time, and to listen to another song from a space age designed radio, which will merge again again and again with the gently spoken song that your chaperon is softly blowing through his lips.

An interesting experiment from Barry Gemso Experience, extremely well crafted, and with a great care in details, particularly pleasant is the graphic design.

Stefano Santabarbara



Luss COver

Le Neon

Luss - Cd Mini Album

(Fierce Panda)

This is Le Neon's first ever release and if it's anything to go by this band are in for a very bright and loud future. A bit of a history lesson before I go into why this CD is so great: The band were originally called Neon but to combat all the "the" bands around decided on Le Neon. The band themselves are four hearty youngsters from the rolling dales of the West Country. At first listen, they sound mighty chaotic, as if it's all going to fall apart any moment, but this adds to the bands charm as they manage to hold it together. The songs sound very thick with guitars and the vocals are often screamed by the lead singer who, when they play live, gets so involved with the music he throws himself around the stage and hides in his monitors. Le Neon certainly don't believe in holding back and this is certainly an admirable quality. Here's hoping that everything they release will be as intense as Luss.

David Strange


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