Reviews - week 10

Torture Cover


Torture - Ep Cd-r


Not a better name could have been found to describe this powerful rock’n’roll ensemble, based in Bologna, Italy.

If you couldn’t contain your feet itching and you’ve been dragged on the dance floor magnetism by the blues explosion, well, then this is the record you’ve been wanting to hear for a while.

Following the debut album “Operation Manitoba” and the glittering and glamorous “Would you die for me?”, all out for Gammapop records, “Torture” is the most recent release by Cut. In its sharply edged guitars, hi-octane rock tunes deeply blended with the original blues roots, in the rapid sequence of songs -self-titled Torture , Billie Boy and Two Sheletons- this EP is one of the best examples of the solidity and consistency of the band.

And at last, a surprise, a version of Sign ’o’ the times which is more then worth listening to.

Do you need more rock’n’roll today? Go and get it! And then play it damned loud.

Stefano Santabarbara



Snowhill Cover

Agent Blue

Snowhill - Cd single

(Fierce Panda)

Out Now!

This is another release by the great people at Fierce Panda records and it's by a group of young go getters from Stoke called Agent Blue. This is the band's first ever single and like all fierce panda records, it's quite fantastic. Agent Blue are a five piece from Stoke; they're are all 18 years old and rock harder than most bands twice their age. They have recently played a gig at the Dublin Castle in Camden while half their fans were still stuck on the motorway between Stoke & London. So after they played they proceeded to smash up the stage... Proof that not only do Agent Blue look rock and roll and sound rock and roll but they are rock and roll too!

The first song on the 3 track single 'Snowhill' goes along at a blistering speed, with Nic Andrews -the singer- spitting the words out and the guitarist, bassist and drummer each playing a vital role in making the sound twist and turn at every chance. The drum beat and bass lines makes the track spiral above your head and then it's all brought back down to earth with Nic's screaming out his vocals. It's very impassioned stuff. The second track is more laid back, with the guitars playing melodically in the background. This, that is, until half way through when the bass kicks in and you feel your feet moving. Again Nic's vocals soar over the melody and it sounds great. As for the last track, it is a real rouser; it starts at such a speed and ends in such a rock and roll way. All in all, this is another gem from Fierce Panda and Agent Blue are yet another fantastic band who are from the UK! Hurray!

David Strange


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