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Attack Of The Ghost Riders cover

The Raveonettes

Attack of the Ghost Rider - Cd single

(Sony Music)

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OK, OK I know what you are thinking: "great -another 60's sounding garage rock and roll band, with 'the' before their names to seem even more retro and kitsch." Well, yes, to a certain degree you are right, but hey, never judge a book by it's cover or a band by it's name. The Ravonettes ARE fantastic: they have a crisp 60's sound replete with the obligatory hand claps, whilst loud guitars joust with male and female vocals. Thankfully, The Ravonettes don't rely on fuzzy guitar pedals to make themselves sound more retro; they do it simply from singing, and the melodies that rise and fall sound like they should come from a 1960's B-movie.

If this music doesn't make you want to steal/borrow a big motorcycle and ride across the US of A in an easy-rider-1960's-kinda-way, then The Ravonettes are possibly not for you. If, however, it does, then I'll meet you at the dodgy bikers' bar at sundown.


County Fair/Rainbows cover

The Moldy Peaches

County Fair/Rainbows - Cd single

(Rough Trade Records)

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As The Moldy Peaches were the band that brought us the mighty 'who's got the crack', one of the finest songs to go crazy to at ANY clubnight, I was understandably excited when I noticed this single on the shelves at Rough Trade (they own my soul, don't you know!). The songs on this single -County fair/Rainbow- aren't on their debut album. It also sees the peaches playing with a full band of 7 member without losing any of their indie lo-fi charm, that saintly combination of crazy lyrics and lo-fi recording that won them many fans.

The Moldy Peaches are a band everyone can identify because of the way they make everything sound so homemade, and the child like innocence that comes across from the vocals. They are a very special band, charming and always sweet.

David Strange
(whom you should email in case you want to send your demo to be reviewed on the friends of the heroes)





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