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Top Three Albums for 2003
by Grainne Lynch

At number 3, I've choosen 'Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots' by the Flaming Lips. Although, technically it was released in 2002, it only this year that I bought the album and saw them live at Witnness. The album is beautiful, sweet and soothing while the live performance was a fantastic experience, a joyous sing-along which I throughly enjoyed.

My second album is 'Dear Catastrope Waitress' from Belle and Sebastian. It has been so long since they released a proper album that I was really looking forward to this one, and I wasn't disappointed. It has some lovely tunes on it, personal favourites would probably be 'Piazza, New York Catcher' and 'I'm a Cuckoo'.

And my Number 1 is 'Shootenanny!' from the Eels. Mister Mark Everett aka "E" writes the sweetest, saddest love songs and can also get me up and dancing round the room. It is nearly impossible for me to pick favourite tracks from this album because they are all so good, but I am very fond of 'Restaining Order Blues', 'Dirty Girl' and 'All in a Day's Work'.


Ten songs and Nick
by Nick P

10. Go-betweens - Caroline and I
(What can anyone say about the Go-betweens? Will they ever become boring like my grandpa? They're releasing records for the last 25 years!)

9. Happy Couple - Boyfriend of the week
(A great song compiling English and German lyrics. I love that girl's voice!)

8. Action Biker - Wrong side (another lovely girl singing, a lovely electronic tune that will make everyone dance)

7. Belle and Sebastian - Roy walker
(These guys can mix everything we love from the sixties into one song)

6. Nixon - Snow day
(I think Roger has the most heart-breaking voice around nowadays. Mina wants you to know that girls here in greece are melting for you!)

5. Slipslide - Sleeptalk
(Lovely! It reminds me of many of the 80s indiepop bands)

4. Pale Sunday - Go ahead
(Brazil has a great tradition in music. It's so nice that some of the most promising acts in indiepop nowadays are brazilian. The lyrics can touch the heart of every indiepop boy's soul)

3. Ultrasport - The boy that never lied (The band that you can't help falling in love with. That was the first Ultrasport song I listened to)

2. Handsome Train - I want you to know
(The best surprise from Sweden. They shocked me with "September" in 2002, now it's "I Want You To Know". I wish they will keep releasing that fabulous tunes the next years. Well done!)

1. Rocco - Sand in my shoes
(I ordered that cd called 'A walk with Rocco' cause I loved the sleeve. A boy holding a girl's hand next to a beach and each one holding a guitar. The following days I discovered that this boy was really talented. 'Sand in my shoes', especially, is a song for you melancholic moments but for the happy ones as well.

"Everytime that I dream I think it's going to be the best time of the year..." writes Rocco and yes it's the best time of the year for that greek boy Nick. Thanks!


(Ps: Best albums with or without Nick

5. Slipslide - The world can wait
4. Florian - Florianapolis
3. Rocco - A walk with rocco
2. Belle and Sebastian - Dear Catastrophe Waitress
1. V/a - The Sound of Leamington spa 3)



It's so easy to be happy these days
(with so much great music)

by Dimitra Daisy

Five or six albums that made me happy

1. Pipas - Golden Square
Words like candy, songs like snapshots and a record like soap bubbles. Short-lived, magical, exciting. I've listened to it hundreds of times and it just keeps getting better.

2. Belle and Sebastian - Dear Catastrophe Waitress
Strangely beautiful, gloriously bonkers. After changes upon changed we are more or less the same. It beats the next one just because I bought it on a beautiful day and by being the perfect soundtrack it made a shortcut to my heart.

3. The Guild League - Private Transport
A collection of poems about love & London & the bits in between. Also a hymn to modern life & a guide to how to make it pretty.
Irresistable - and did I tell you that boy Tali sings like an angel?

4. Aislers Set - How I learned to write backwards
Ah, the sixties. And the darkness. And the coolness, the loneliness, the sexiness. And Amy Linton's wall of sound. And all that style...

5. Florian - Florianopolis
Like a younger, more lo-fi & obscure Camera Obscura with even more members (honest). They write complicated songs that take a while to reveale their beauty and take you by surprise when they do, and give them evocative titles.

6. Camera Obscura - Underachievers please try harder
Sweet belle-epoche pop, a charming cross of indiepop and motown, those sixties we were talking about, indie & western, a Leonard Cohen copycat & a carousel sing-along song... Oh, did anyone mention Belle and Sebastian?


Seven or eight eps and/or singles that made me happy

1. The Young Tradition - California morning
A sixties pastiche with a true pop feeling and the most beautiful phrase I've heard all year. And a trumpet.

2. Handsome Train - Pop!
Sweet, passionate, ingenious, strange, and partial to the same things as us. How greater can you get?

3. Ultrasport - Mieto
Ultrasport are my dream band. There was a place in my heart even before I heard them. With an innocence I hadn't come across since 1999 and songs that remind us of all the right things (from summer to fallings leaves and from the Clientele to the TV Personalities), I was in love before the first song even finished.

4. The Pines - True love waits vol. 2
Elegant, clever, acoustic, dreamy, poetic, slightly mysterious, quite perfect pop songs, can I stop now?

5. Pale Sunday - A weekend with Jane
"The band who formed through boredom back in 1999, endured various changes in their line-up, and were named on a cloudy Sunday, have created a small piece of sunshine to add to the music collection of any indiepop lover" - but I didn't say that, Rachel did. You can substitute 'music collection' with 'heart' there at any time.

6. Nixon - Snow day
Self-produced, sweet, wintery collection of songs about growing up and loving the eighties more than the nineties. I'm particularly fond of the title track - it makes me feel at home & look forward to the future at the same time.

7. The Fermats - Waffle breakfast with the Fermats
They call it Pancake pop and it's home-made, fresh and exciting. It is also made by kids younger than me, which makes me feel old but their moments of utter perfectness ('Kevin Rowland') and their good taste makes me forgive them.


8. Razorcuts - A is for the alphabet
Sweet post-punk music that indiepoppers cherish and the rest of the world isn't too bothered about, but what do they know anyway?


And thirteen or fourteen songs for a New Year's party mixtape

1. The Fermats - Kevin Rowland
2. Pipas - Book Launch
3. Pale Sunday - Go ahead
4. Aerospace - Tenderness is the plight of the weakerthan
5. The radio dept. - Where damage isn't already done
6. The Lucksmiths - Midweek midmorning
7. Florian - Last nite (Strokes cover)
8. Action Biker - Heartache
9. Brideshead - Love makes the sun shine bright (Crooner cover)
10. Ultrasport - Ballgames

and those for when you'll be tired from all the bouncing about:

11. Would-be-goods - Southermost (Lucksmiths' cover)
12. Handsome train - Pop
13. The ocassional flickers - Rain until Monday

and if you have space left

14. The Guild League - A far away place

You won't regret it.



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