I know this list is very long and not very useful, but there has to be an index of some sort and I haven't got round to making a better one yet. Bear with me!

The Moldy Peaches:
County Fair/Rainbows - Cd Single
It also sees the peaches playing with a full band of 7 member without losing any of their indie lo-fi charm...

The Raveonettes:
Attack of the Ghost Rider - Cd single
OK, OK I know what you are thinking: "great -another 60's sounding garage rock and roll band...

Split 7"
I always have fantasies about being in an electro-pop band...

The squirrel EP (six track cd)
The songs all have real soul and a certain angst to them.

Mr Airplane Man
Peel Session (February 25th 2003)
MAM songs rely on a great guitar work and sensational drumming, they sound loud and sleazy, rock and roll at its finest.

Punkrockvampires - Cd Lp
Further are an Australian foursome who have been playing in Sydney for 4 years. By all recollection their live shows are aggressive and explosive.

(x) is greater than (y)
Negative Snow - Cd Lp
(x) is greater than (y) have the melodies of the Pixies backed up with the noise of bands like Six By Seven...

The Montgolfier Brothers
Seventeen Stars - Cd Lp
It's slow, clear, quite simple and yet beautifully built, a perfect soundtrack for quiet times.

Frozen Fracture
The Thermal Sink [Mk II] - EP-CDr
The band have a distinctly wintery sound to them. The guitars are complex and beautiful and like a snow storm.

Pastel Vespa
L' Anarchie - Cd Lp
This is what Pastel Vespa are - cabaret but fantastic.

The Waving Tree
Sunday Afternoon - Cd and Vinyl Ep
The Waving Tree is the solo project of Alex Veis and A Sunday Afternoon is exactly what I would call music to make you smile.

Winnebago Deal
Plata O Plomo (7 track mini-album)
Winnebago Deal are young, fresh-faced and ready to rock us all, and I'm sure sooner or later they will make enough noise for people to sit up and take notice of them.

Seedling/Dayglo Superstars
Split 7"
It's yet another heavenly slice of 2 minute pop which, of course, sounds great on vinyl and should only be enjoyed on vinyl.

The German Exchange
Onward (Demo Cd)
The band is made up of 5 members who claim that they “are not a band whose brilliant rhetoric disguises a lack of imagination in their songs”.

What can not be, but is... - Cd Lp
..rather catchy and dreamy-but-cool synth-pop melodies and somber-yet evocative lyrics.

Torture - Ep Cd-r
Not a better name could have been found to describe this powerful rock'n'roll ensemble, based in Bologna, Italy.

Agent Blue
Snowhill - Cd single
Agent Blue are a five piece from Stoke; they're are all 18 years old and rock harder than most bands twice their age.

Dressy Bessy
Little Music (CD LP / vinyl LP)
The songs on the CD are perfect indie pop songs, short and sweet, Tammy Ealoms vocals are perfect and her songwriting skills are great too.

Aislers Set
How I Learned To Write Backwards (CD LP / vinyl LP)
Just like the previous two Aislers Set records, this one has the ability to create a universe of its own. This time it's a slightly darker, more adult universe.

At the close of every day
Zalig Zijn De Armen Van Geest - CD LP / vinyl 10"
Melancholy hasn't sounded so utterly perfect and gripping in a long, long time.

The Occasional Flickers
Rain Until Monday - 7"
It's one of those songs that make you feel you're spinning around when you're only standing in front of the record player.

A Europewide Search For Love - CD single
With the scene set the curtains open on those half dead hours when the earth expects some rest from prying watchful eyes of the waking world.

Tiara - Cd Lp
The album, a laid back deeply seductive affair, draws images in my mind of late nights in busy cities. Bright orange lights hitting the lazy eyes of those people walking haphazardly home.

Handsome Train
Pop - 7"
Handsome Train make ingenious music: sweet, passionate, exciting, slightly strange - strange enough to make you wonder where it comes from - music to fall in love with. Believe me.

Hunky Dory
Over the Rainbow - Cd Lp
...they're what pop is all about - they're like they've fallen from the sky - the make you reconsider how magical you think the world can be.

Barry Gemso Experience
La vie vie - Cd Lp
... a place frozen in time and space. Your guide for the tour is a dandy but charming stranger.

Le Neon
Luss - Cd Mini Album
At first listen, they sound mighty chaotic, as if it's all going to fall apart any moment, but this adds to the bands charm as they manage to hold it together.

The Hidden Cameras
The smell of our own - Cd Lp
What would Hidden Cameras be in my opinion, if I hadn't read so many times already that "The smell of our own" is a masterpiece? They would be a charming band with a good imagination that sound like they record in churches.

VVAA Flair Of Spain
Don Quijote - Cd Lp
About what happened when a collection of Spanish musicians decided to honour the ingenious hidalgo Don Quijote.

The Thrills
So much for the city - Cd Lp
"Enough!" I hear you cry. "Are they really that bad?" Well - no, they aren't. I'd actually say they're quite good - certainly not as good as everyone claims they are, but good enough - if they weren't so annoying.

The Bed
Soma Riot Wave Machine - Demo cd single
The second song on the demo, 'Time Against The Tower', leaves me baffled. Is this the same band whose mundane noise I had forced myself, out of a sense of fair play, to listen to?

The Polyphonic Spree
The Beginning Stages Of The Polyphonic Spree - Cd & Dvd
All of the songs here are big, theatrical and joyous hymns to no particular faith and only the stoniest of hearts could ever hope to deny them.

Super Furry Animals
Phantom Power (Cd Lp) & Golden Retriever (Cd Single)
There is also a lot of experimentation that ensures the album never sounds stale.

Various Artists
Secret Home Party 7"
There's a drawing of a flying car with wings and the names of the artists floating in the sky printed in dreamy blue ink and hand-made letters (each cut out of different-coloured carton and stuck on the cover in different combinations on each copy, too) that spell 'Secret Home Party'!

Various Artists
Pow! to the people - Double Cd
A nice of collection of songs for anyone wishing to nostalgically remember the days of track and field, or for that matter, for anyone who just likes good pop music.

4 Songs - Cd Ep
The minimalist feel of both the cover and the title is reflected strongly in the music where lyrics and melodies are repeated almost mantra style giving the feel of a tribal war dance.

Speaking in capitals
Demo cd
I like the weird idea behind the song, of a man being attached to a plastic brink, I think because it would make life easier, but I'm not sure. It is a great happy song.

The French
Local Information - Cd Lp
It is as if someone had taken one of those real life TV video diaries where nothing really happens but there is drama nonetheless and given it to a young John Shuttleworth to perform.

The White Stripes
I just don't know what to do with myself - Cd single
It is hard to think of Bacharach and David ever imagining their song sounding like this.

She Kissed Me (It Felt Like A Hit) - Cd Single
With its blues metal riffs, classic rock and roll vocals 'She Kissed Me (It Felt Like A Hit)' is bristling with class.

The Libertines
I just don't know what to dow ith myself - Cd single
Listening to these singles is like an amalgam of music from the last 50 (or more) years.

Acid House Kings
Mondays are like Tuesdays and Tuesdays are like Wednesdays - Cd Lp They think "Mondays are like Tuesdays and Tuesdays are like Wednesdays" is 'a bit like the Smiths, but for summer days instead of lonely autumn evenings you spent locked up in your room'. This is strangely accurate and funny at the same time.

The last days of August - Cd Lp
If it had to remind me of something, it would be the Foxgloves, and the Montgolfier Brothers and J J Johanson - classy, guitar-orientated, quiet records to be played by sad, handsome boys on gloomy evenings while the ceiling changes colours as the sunlight fades, if you know what I mean.

Camera Obscura
Underachievers, please try harder - Cd Lp
We are taken on the Underachievers journey through failed fumblings, pleas for separation, vows to toughen up and a hundred attempts at self-deception that anyone with a trace of self-awareness will see mirrored in their own life. Alongside the sordid reality of the lyrics, the music swoons.

The Foxgloves
Lives you didn't lead - Cd Ep
The Foxgloves seem to be the sort of people who believe that poetry can save your life, if not the world and that's quite enough to make me love them.

Camera Obscura
Teenager - Cd Single
Sweetly, gently she tells us oh for god's sake get over the girl, she's only going to hurt you, whilst somewhere in the West the cowboys gallop off into the sunset.

Haha Sound - Cd Lp
Broadcast hail from Birmingham, and there's something of that city's newborn industrial beauty in this music. The album opens to scraping, hissing, banging noises as the Wurlitzer sounds of 'Colour Me In' swing and shimmer their way into being.

Amazing Grace - Cd Lp
'You only get a lifetime to try' sings Jason Pierce - and boy, is he going to try everything.

Tim Burgess
I believe - Cd Lp
Ultimately, despite all the breezy harmonica, soaring strings, bouncy music and tinkling piano, the music of Brian Wilson or John Phillips does not spring to mind.

Various Artists
Matinee 50 Compilation- Cd Lp
The Ultimate Dream and something everyone must strive towards; or the fact that I am considerably in awe of the people who managed to release all this stuff

The Starlets
Further into the night forever- CD Lp
The songs dance and sway, creating a softer less formidable world. Majestic orchestral arrangements back electric guitars.

Mommy & Daddy
Live how you listen- CD Lp
So...this is one of THOSE albums. The first thing that comes to mind is 'God, this is great'. The second is 'God, this is fucking fantastic'.

Belle & Sebastian
Dear Catastophe Waitress- CD Lp
The new album is different. It is happier, maybe slightly less personal, slightly more abstract than those which broke hearts so long ago.

Carina Round
Into my blood- CD single
'Into My Blood' begins like so many rock songs - a guitar and Carina's voice, cool, insouciant, echoing Patti Smith or Chrissie Hynde - but then it builds - the guitar picks up

The Kills
Pull A U- CD single
'Pull A U' is a straightforward rock tune: the female vocalist sounds cool, the guitars evoke Led Zeppelin's 'Whole Lotta Love' and the lyrics refer to familiar rock images

The Fiery Furnaces
Don't Dance Her Down - CD single
I've name-checked a few genres, but none of them say it on their own. Its some bizarre, uplifting, entertaining combination of them all.

the civil war
You don't own a record quite like this. How can I be so sure? Well, it isn't entirely down to uncanny psychic abilities - I'm just willing to bet that there aren't too many people with instrumental concept albums on the subject of civil war.

Airport Girl
Don't Dance Her Down - CD single
The eight piece band from Nottingham, have created a full sound, crammed full of all the magic of pop. The EP contains the ideal mix of songs: happy enough to lift your spirits but carefully balanced so it is not sickening sweet leaving you with the impression that it is written by people who understand.

Pale sunday
A weekend with Jane
a small piece of sunshine to add to the music collection of any indiepop lover.

The world can wait
The album revels in easy charm alternative country.

Jeffery Lewis
It's the Ones Who've Cracked That the Light Shines Through
The one I'm finding myself drawn to here is 'beautiful'.

the sash my father wore and other stories
the real power behind this comes from the songs about love. Each written with care and sung with conviction, captures every passion, confusion excitement that come from being in love.

various artists
Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before
Generally, such collections have a couple of tracks that get you itching for the 'fast-forward' button but this is consistently enjoyable from start to finish

BMX Bandits
Down at the hop
Hurray! Surf's up! Run out, get your bushy bushy blonde hair-do, your surfboard and some beers, and get READY!

The Blueskins
Magic Rd EP
Frenetic and jangly bluesy punk rockers

The Cornerstones
Smack Me In The Face
Instead what oozed from my stereo was more akin to Crowded House given a splash of prog rock and left to marinade nicely for 48 hours.

The White Stripes
The Hardest Button To Button
Also, featured on the single is version of the Soledad Brothers 'St. Ides Of March' recorded as a soundcheck for a show in Berlin in April.

Virginia Astley
From Gardens Where We Feel Secure
This is an unexpected, eclectic choice for an anniversary re-release but rather a fine one. If there were more days like this, I reckon we'd all be a little bit happier.

The form EP
Feel you mind explode with the force of the crashing guitars interspaced with gentle lulls. But this is just a gentle stroll in the park in comparison to the eponymous third track.

The Young Tradition
California morning
For it is a song full of pop cliches - California, sun, morning, summer, pebbles in her hair and Beach Boys' harmonies, Byrds' guitars and a trumpet - but with a real pop feeling and the most beautiful phrase I've heard all year.

Singles 1989 – 1992
Of course the quiet beautiful strength of 'Noah's Ark' perhaps deserves a special mention and then again 'Hope Springs Eternal' can not be left out but where do I stop?

The 55s
Before The Judge Turned Us To Shadow
The hyperactive Ep is filled with guitar driven riffs and off key harmonies which shriek riotously.

The Windmills
Now is then
Of course the quiet beautiful strength of 'Noah's Ark' perhaps deserves a special mention and then again 'Hope Springs Eternal' can not be left out but where do I stop?

The guild league
Private transport
In any case, it is beautiful, clever and witty and full of spot-on lines that break my heart that seem to come at least two in every song.

The fifth column
And those initials? Well, I've decided they stand for 'Uniquely Nice Pop On CD'. Of course, they don't. But I'm sure they won't mind.

The Friends of the Heroes
The best thing I heard all year...
"Everytime that I dream I think it's going to be the best time of the year..." writes Rocco and yes it's the best time of the year for that greek boy Nick. Thanks!

The Pines
True love waits vol. 2
Although the subject of the matter is poignant, the clever wording of the lyrics contains a dry humour, which is sure to have you smiling.

A is for Alphabet
They made sweet, jangly post punk pop with an underlying poetic streak... that must have broken the hearts of indiepoppers the world over before they were even called indiepoppers.

Various Artists
Matinee Autumn Assortment
The CD features an exclusive Slipslide song which tells the tail of a romance that dies for the sake of a career. Considering the subject matter the tune surprisingly positive.

The Lucksmiths
A little distraction
...an upbeat, fairly bouncy, sweetly contagious affair reminiscent of my favourite Lucksmiths tunes of the past. (And which, let us not forger, is about almost having faith.)

The Steinbecks
Branches and fronds brushing the windows
Let it superficially wash over you and you still know that you are listening to quality music but once the lyrics sink in and the true power of this composition becomes really apparent.

The Tidy-Ups
Been waiting for a million years for the bus to take me out of here
The Tidy ups pick all these strings up with amazing grace - looking, or rather sounding, as if they're not doing anything special; they use them to weave short, fast, brilliant pop songs and they don't forget to tie them in a bow at the end.

Various Artists
Romantic and square is hip and aware (A Smiths tribute)
The album is not full of pale imitations, but who needs that anyway?
Instead expect to find old songs being told from a new angle with a strength of feeling that the artists involved in this project must be given credit for.

Liberty Ship
The Tide
Chart music sells not because it is good but because it is constantly being given air play. This music is very good. All you have to do is to give it the air play yourself.

Communique no.9
Therein lies the major problem with this album. This sort of nonsense will only work once. When the cartoon anarchist is drawn again three decades later, the paucity of content behind the caricature is only too readily apparent.

Golden square
Would you fall in love with them?
I already have!

Bitter Club ep
It is undeniable one of the best examples of bagel-pop that I've ever heard.

The almost random string of words conjure up the kind of enchanted world that seems to get lost past adulthood: "Sandals and watching frogs jumping to be apart/ Late nights and fireflies stretching to be apart"

The Owls
Our hopes and dreams
What I'm trying to say is that it is an honest mix of whimsical things, simple without being simplistic, stronger than it seems at first and not so much bittersweet as it is happysad.

Divine Comedy
Absent Friends
The new single 'Come Home Billy Bird' is pretty good too. There is nothing to rival the catchiness of 'National Express', but there was always more to The Divine Comedy than catchy tunes, and all that is apparent here.

Past lovers (cd-single)
The single finishes with "The Angels" and the storytelling side of the band really kicks in with a quirky tail accompanied by a lone guitar.

Imprings of emotion - split 7" ep
I'm glad people still make records that sound like this. Tortured souls alone with sensitive, barely there, voices. Kristian Rosengren (Airliner) and Ant Harding (ANT) ply the same fragile bedroom acoustics on this split 7" ep.

My Teenage Stride
I'm sorry - Cd Ep
If this were released fifteen years ago, it would surely have come in a photocopied sleeve, possibly with a postcard of a railway station.

Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt
I can't believe it's been three years or so since these records overwhelmed me and took over my tiny bedroom, my tiny mind, my tiny world. It was all too easy back then, what with me being a fool for anyone willing to romanticise the weekend heroes and small town smackings of Northern England.

Honey, we're ridiculous
"Honey, we're ridiculous" is sunny-day, driving-fast-by-the-seaside music, but it is heartbreakingly so: it is Beach Boys-descendant indiepop with a dash of rock (of the time when this aspired to produce operas at that too) and a shady poetic twist.

You are the quarry
Seven years in the making, 'You Are The Quarry' has a wealth of animosity, acrimony and ill feeling to draw on. High Court Judges, Accountants, Taxmen, Reality T.V. Pop stars, Ex-Band mates and world leaders are all fair game. Infact the only person to come out of this offering relatively unscathed is Jesus...

The Mountain Goats
- Talahassee
The reason you should get this album is quite simple: the lyrics. At times heartfelt, at others heart-warming, at others just plain random ("Our love is like the border between Greece and Albania" Darnielle declares on 'International Small Arms Traffic Blues') they are always thought-provoking and hold the attention with ease.

Hopes and fears
Much talked about in the music press, and on the back of a nationwide tour, the Brighton three piece unleash a what could have possibly become over hyped debut on the general public at last. And over hyped it certainly is not.

Giant Loop of Sound
Think of Paul Weller singing Smiths songs whilst being backed by The Thrills and managed by Brian Wilson and you're halfway there. Throw in the 'Randall and Hopkirk Orchestra' (a couple of old timers culled from the local brass band) and you've hit the nail on the head.

Hormones in Abudance
Old people are people too
And I know that 'Bad songs, bad people' has a cutting 'wish I'd thought of that' lyric and a tune to make you dance yourself stupid. And the fact that every four-minute disco should end with chiming guitars and in-and-out of love girl/boy vocals like on 'Fun In Town'. That's what I know.

It's Not You, It's Me
It's like a tempestuous moment mid-argument where you temporarily lose control. That split second of madness when your real feelings emerge, only to be suppressed as you wipe away the tears and grasp hold of the reins again.

The Difference Between Me And You Is That I'm Not On Fire
Ultimately, though, those with the patience and ear to give it a few listens will be rewarded by an album to blow the cobwebs off anything. Some could see it as the start of mclusky growing up.

The Metric Mile
How to beat the SAT (Cd-r EP)
The 5 songs on the EP are as joyful sounding as they are desperate sounding to me; I've often wondered how jangling strings across major chords could make that happen.

Various Artists
Hey, where'd the summer go? (A Humblebee records compilation)
Over the 24 songs the quality does not dip, the tunes are almost relentless, and there are plenty "Ooh, who's this?" reach-for-the-tracklisting moments.

Tim Booth
Bone (LP)
But give a little more thought and you'll hear the sound of a man who despite being one of the busiest men in pop has an air of calmness in everything he says and does.

Trembling Blue Stars
Southern skies appear brighter EP
So then, lurking bashfully at song number 4 on the new Trembling Blue Stars e.p is 'Hurry home through the crowds'. Gently plucking guitars, handclaps and words about being so much in love couldn't sound much better than this.

Woody Allen likes guitar pop
They can also name a song about being so sad and lonely you're feeling nobody's on your side 'Woody Allen likes Japanese noise rock' and make that sound fitting. And they can sing it in a way that lifts my heart all the way to heaven.

Hey, hey, we're the weirdos EP
Intelligent, energetic, anthemic, elegiac, delicate, sophisticated, introspective, apoplectic, melodic, menacing, subtle, it's all here.

The Concretes
Licking Fingers
The Scandinavians have an element of mystery, they seem to kind of want to keep themselves to themselves - could it be that they don't trust the rest of the world, or could it be that they want to keep all the good stuff for themselves.

The Boyfriends
No Tomorrow/ I Love You
How do I convince you that the bunch of demo recordings that landed on my doormat the other week are the most refreshing, vital, invigorating recordings that I have heard in many a year? What can I say to make you believe me, so that you too will get just as excited as I am about The Boyfriends?

Charlotte Hatherley
Grey will fade
The overall sound is sub-Buzzcockian pop rock, with overtones of the Undertones, and whilst there is an obvious Ash feel to it all it's hard to say whether Charlotte Hatherley has influenced them, of that they have influenced her.

Modest Mouse
Good news for people who like bad news
There's the lyrics - not quite classic poetry, granted, but any band that turns "You wasted life, why wouldn't you waste death?" into an anthemic chant deserves some sort of recognition.

The Fairways
This is farewell
This album could quite easily, and indeed, should be the soundtrack to a movie, after all, it is already the soundtrack to the lives of The Fairways.

20-22s album
I love debut albums by young bands full of self belief, passion and verve. Albums by groups of kids who feel that they have to work hard at what they are doing so that the world will sit up and take notice.

The Diskettes
Imagine a boy and a girl with a couple of guitars trying to sound like a sixties girl group and like Jonathan Richman and like some bossa nova singer who's name I wouldn't know and like, I don't know, Beat Happening or Dennis Driscol (someone american and lo-fi as fuck anyway) and ending up sounding like they're singing to each other...

Giant Haystacks
We are being observed
The word that comes to mind when listening to "we are being observed" by Giant Haystacks is "manic".

The Essex Green
Everything is Green L.P. (with re-mastered bonus 'The Essex Green E.P.')
There is the obvious British pop Vs. United States psychedelia sparring, the definite hippy against the mod rebellion; but then there are more subtle strains of country, pop and folk.

Aw C'mon / No You C'mon
It feels like a best of. It isn't one; each of the 24 tracks is new and previously unreleased. Contained within them, though, are echoes of the band's previous six full-length releases.

Mikly Wimpshake
Needed: Heart Handbook 7"
Calling this Twee-Punk because the two words hate each other and I like seeing them together. Bashing out three chord rhythms on guitars whilst playing keyboards with one finger.

To say the music is slightly infectious would be like saying a giraffe is slightly tall, or a zebra is slightly stripy. This is music that makes you feel good. It grabs you, it shakes, it makes you want to dance.

Small Circle
It's stunning, it's mesmerising, it's hypnotic, it's enchanting, it is purely and passionately beautiful.

The Guild League
Inner North
A single one of these things would have been enough, but when I stop and think about it was the words. Words that feel so perfect I knew I could roll around the mouth for days and not get bored.

The Frenchmen
Sorry we ruined your party
The Frenchmen sing songs about love and the weather. They pack the world into five-word phrases and deliver it (occasionally racing to meet the drumbeat) in a way that makes your heart beat faster.

Halfway to you
Tthe sound of your heart strings snapping, like the sound of a smile cracking, like the faint gasp of your last hopes dying, or the nervous sigh of your first love blooming...Coastal have captured it all.

The Royal Theatre
He had a sad look of desperation mixed but was surrounded by obsessive optimism created by a fuzzy electric guitar, a simple but uplifting keyboard line. As a drum pounds within his head he hatches a plan to escape. The complexity of the plan escalates with the amount of alcohol he drinks.

Misty's Big Adventure
Misty's big adventure and their place in the solar hi-fi system
It's a baffling experience and it shouldn't make any sense at all but somehow it does and you just can't stop yourself listening and smiling. Listening to "The Solar Hi-Fi System" by "Misty's Big Adventure" is a bit like that.

The Aphrodisiacs
This is a campaign
Significant steps have obviously been taken throughout the process of conceiving, arranging and recording this record, because the results suggest more than a bunch off kids playing with circuit boards in their bedrooms.

The Wedding Present
Interstate 5
How many times have you found yourself leaping around the room to a tune wondering how the writer managed to be so in tune with how you were feeling?

Chargr/What, you've never seen snow before?(single)
'Chargr' sounds like the best pop song, ltd edition vinyl, can't make its mind up, 'Fuck you' to marketed chart pop pap ever.

The Donnas
Gold Medal
Right from the outset, 'Gold Medal' is a lesson in strictly controlled aggression, it's forever poised on the brink of explosion, it's edgy and noisy, yet vibrant and melodious.

Harper Lee
All things can be mended
From start to finish the album is filled with a gentle heartache backed by melancholic melodies. Written in black and white, it will wrap its arms around you and draw you into the slow rhythmic sinking feeling that it creates.

Rilo Kiley
More adventurous
Rilo Kiley, more then most, make music for semi-consciousness. You could take that the wrong way, but I don't mean they're boring - rather, they craft simple, sweet pop songs ideal for drifting off into daydreams.

Havana Guns
She goes on
Each song is filled with infinite opportunity and mystery and caused fresh surges of adrenaline to pulse through my body. Each note filled my mind with images from the night before- deserted motorways, people dancing to bands, the impossible beauty of a moonlit city.

Hundred Handed
On parade
Virginia Wolfe said, "When a book lacks suggestive power, however hard it hits the surface of the mind it cannot penetrate within."

The Chalets
the EP ends with the slow and sexy David Boring with lots of plinkedy-plonkedy xylophone.

This Poison!
Magazine 1986 - 1988
This Poison! should be lauded as one of the things that remained great in a decade that was in the main destined for the dustbin.

Language of Flowers
Songs about you
And there's a certain style too: a half-innocent, half-cool way of being in a band, a way of saying "this is who we are, we sort of hope you like it."

Frankie Machine
Re-unmelt my heart
Each note is like a tiny sparkling bubble: beautiful, rainbow coloured but ready to burst at any second. It gently twists and turns.

Saturday Looks Good To Me
Every night
A case in point is the lovely summery 'Lift me up', which is at the same time probably the most blatant Supremes rip-off you're likely to hear, and yet absolutely gorgeous and breezy in its own right.

Geezers of Nazareth
Songs on the radio
It's the closest to schizophrenia that a song could possibly be before it loses all sense of structure. It's perilously close to the edge, there is just so much going on, it's fucking brilliant.

Tastes like summer
The whole feel of the record is that of a D.I.Y. pop adventure, of sunny days, of optimism and hope. Not so much of confidence, but definitely of self belief.

The Boyfriends
Demo Recordings
I am going to resist the urge to wax lyrical about just how brilliantly innovative, passionate, and hopefully optimistic they are, I'll not tell you how despite all the positive elements of the lyrics they retain an edge of musical melancholia that compliments the music perfectly.

Thee Moths
Sand in our pockets
Sand in our pockets is proof that life doesn't need to be complicated and hi-tech. In fact it is proof that it is better when it is not.

Harry Hunks
Revolutions from pink to pale
It's simple, but convoluted, the structure is plain, but the emotive nature is twisting and turning. The cello break makes 'Lets Go to Vienna' simply to die for.

Me too
Time after time the music infectiously kicks in and astuteness of the lyrics then completely hook your full attention. Cleverly the first two tracks, 'Tongue Tied' and 'Daytime TV' are totally addictive.

Francis Albert Machine
I love you and I don't want you to die
Francis Albert Machine sees the world in a way that not many others do so, and that in itself is thoroughly refreshing and certainly something to be cherished.

Mercury Tilt Switch / The A Forest
Split single
There is a warming aura about split singles, about musical offerings that are put out under a blanket of sheer exuberance, self belief and swaggering confidence.

The Wedding Present
I'm from further north than you
The press blurb claims that 'I'm From Further North Than You' is "far and away better than anything that The Wedding Present have released previously", a bold claim indeed, but in a way I am inclined to agree.

Swimming upstream
As soon as I started to listen to this CD it grabbed me and I knew I liked it and that was it. I can't 'unlike' it, it is good if not spectacular.

The night of the killer longface
Musically, less is more for Misterlee. Simple but effective, the album features little production, but doesn't suffer for it; in fact, it adds to the unusual eeriness the permeates the album.

Sam Huxley
Very good
We'll forgive him the cheek of calling the first song 'Very Good' - acoustic, with a strong melody, it's certainly catchy.

Amsterdam / Ricky
Split single
I would be one of them that will square up to anyone and tell them that the British underground music scene has been in fine shape for years, you just have to scratch beneath the surface, to explore a few avenues and you will find these bands plying their wares around the smaller venues of this country

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