Favourite Bands: Belle & Sebastian Ballboy

Quote: There are a number of things that I am sure of in life:
1) I will win the lottery one day
The whole world should be forced to listen to Belle and Sebastian and watch Dave Gorman daily.
If people could be just a little happier, the world would be a better place."



Third Time Lucky
"I think I had a dream about you the other night. We were walking through a wood by a stream. Barely even looking at each other. You were telling me about an idea you had for a song about a guy who falls in love with twins..."

A soggy, muddy, spaghetti adventure
As we headed to the familiar stream near our house we pretended that we were trekking into the wilds of a tropical rainforest. Lost in our fantasy, and undeterred my the fact we could see the white lion pub if we turned to the right

Come To Norway. It will be fun!
Breathless we reached the top of the hill and found our hostel. It had rained that day and everywhere smelt fresh and new. A mist hung over one mountain and the sky was turning apricot. The horizon was punctuated by brightly coloured houses and I was imme

Why are love stories only about falling in love?
I said to her 'ahhh come on! Ok you want mystery! but you canít spend you life with reactionary bastards! When some when opens their heart to you that's a great thing you know?'

The Stolen Day
Or maybe they weren't quite turning yellow yet. Maybe we just imagined it because autumn was your favourite time of year and you had told me you wanted to share it with me.

A Real Diamond...
Picture this: an isolated road in the middle of the Yorkshire countryside, a seagull circling the dark purple sky, glowing with life in an almost deserted part of the country. I say almost because stood by the side if the road are three hitchhikers.

Walking In The Silence
That is beside the point. I am telling you about falling in love. I fell in love with a tall man with dark green eyes which smiled when he talked. His nose was very straight. (You notice these things when you fall in love.)

The case of the missing smile
The girl had studied this couple on more than one occasion. She had spotted them last week in the local supermarket buying a loaf of bread, some rich tea biscuits and 3 bananas.

And the cars drove too fast...
Things did not happen like this on the 4th of November 2004. Instead at the very moment that Mrs Gibson passed Mr Richardson, and Stephanie stood waiting to cross the road, and Simon remerged from the newsagents, things changed with a bang.

And the cars drove too fast...
Things did not happen like this on the 4th of November 2004. Instead at the very moment that Mrs Gibson passed Mr Richardson, and Stephanie stood waiting to cross the road, and Simon remerged from the newsagents, things changed with a bang.

A theoretical band, built over a light architecture of dreams...
"My Dear Killer"is theoretical no more. The band which started as a one-man-band now recieves contribution from a few people.

Stuart David - The Man Of Many Stories
for some reason my head was on the floor in the tiny space between the bottom shelf and the carpet. I am not sure why. It was pretty filthy in there I think.

Spreading the love & wrestling with national power (an interview)
I think everbody should own it 'Revolver' because it would show that being popular doesn't necessarily mean being gormless and fake, being experimental doesn't necessarily mean being po-faced and ugly, and being "serious" and insightful can also be fun.

Hope & love & confidence & an interview with Ballboy
If it wasn't for the songs I don't know how I would function sometimes. The ability to say things I want to say in a way that I can't in everyday life means the world to me.

Ghosts, Love and Gentleman rock: An interview with the German Exchange
Inspiration, so fleeting yet all consuming. I live for it. It strips you of your inhibitions in a natural (sober) fashion and makes you value the things in life that are worth caring about.

A reason to be cheerful on a grey sunday night-Interview with Dave Gorman
The man is insane... he is also one of my all time heroes and I was over the moon when he agreed to do this interview.

Spreading the love & wrestling with national power-an interview with M J Hibbet (PART 2)
The world is a wonderful place full of fantastic things, and as soon as you learn to quieten your Inner Teenager and ACCEPT the beauty that's all around you (man), then life becomes much happier and much more rewarding

Breakfast with Jet Johnson (the interview)
We had brought a Ukulele, and one evening when we were sitting on the balcony looking at the sea I thought of this song about how I hope there are cats in heaven when I die.. (not that I believe in heaven.. but you know..)

Memories Filled With Music
Boxes stood un-emptied and things had yet to find a rightful place from which to be disturbed. I sat on a thick orange carpet in the new front room barely daring to move.

Saturday night, Sunday not Mourning
"arghh! Do we have to listen to that depressing rubbish again? Turn itoff and put something more lively on!"... perhaps dragging her along to two nights of indie music at theChickfactor Ball was going to be the last straw.

Ballboy: A Game Of Two Halves
A sense of good humour pervades as a lone voice and guitar reverberates around the dark walls of the garage. At least one member of the audience finds it hard to believe that such clear voice can exist outside of their imagination.

Stalking Scottish Popsters (on a Sunday)
As I started playing I remembered why they were one of my favourite bands. Their songs and lyrics cut clean lines air and the words they chose seem to fit together like perfect pieces in a jigsaw.

Breakfast with Jet Johnson
Music is amazing. It reminds you of things that have happened and even some that have not. You could imagine for a while that you were somewhere else, that you were someone else. "Tula" has the strength to do just that.

The day we caught the train... (not really a ballboy review)
The audience stood in the semi darkness mesmerised, pressing forwards, clinging to the softly poweful words ringing around them.

Not In My Name!
On a sunny a day at the end of September protestors young and old, from a wide range of ethnic groups marched peacefully blocking the busiest roads in central London.

Come to Norway. It will be fun! (part 3)
As the boat pulled out of the harbour I felt my heart swelling. Although signs of human habitation were still visible I don't think I've ever felt quite as free before. We drifted out onto the milky sea, wind whipping our faces. Breathing in the sights of

Come to Norway. It will be fun! (part 2)
The woman behind the checkout explained to us that entry to the museum was to our right where we would find the largest collection of chairs in Norway. Yes you heard me right chairs!

Are Geneticists evil? (and other questions)
Mendel noticed, undoubtedly on a pre-breakfast trip to the garden, that the peas inherited characteristics from their parents in certain numerical ratios.

The Long Lost Diary Of Miss S L Gleaden
She discovered that by rolling them up and stuffing them in her shoes she was able to save valuable space in her rucksack. In her euphoric state she failed to notice a small book which lay forgotten underneath her bed. Her diary

The long lost diary of Miss S L Gleaden (part 2)
His change of career has not only proved that is never too late to change your mind, but has also made the ocean a more peaceful place to live.

The Long Lost Diary Of Miss S L Gleaden - part 3
The boy, who had such romantic notions of messages in bottles washing up onto beaches, was exceedingly disappointed to learn that the diary did not contain any treasure maps or promises of rewards.

The Long Lost Diary of S L Gleaden (part four)
Without a second thought Ralph swapped the tickets then marched straight out of the building, stopping only to tie his right shoe and place the diary into his knapsack.

The Long Lost Diary of Miss S L Gleaden (part 5)
It was his beloved S L Gleaden who had caused all this trouble in the first place. The poor diary knew that he was not safe with this kind, head- in-the-air, dreamy boy.

The long lost diary of Miss S L Gleaden (PART 6)
Its strange what dreams can do to a person. They are powerful enough to make a person lose their inhibitions, to gain a certain determination verging on insanity. They are powerful enough to drive a person, an innocent horse and a girl with a white coat i

The long lost diary of Miss S L Gleaden (Part 7)
While this was incredibly good fortune as far as they were concerned, it was not for the poor heroic diary, who had more than enough of life changing experiences . It would have given anything to settle down on a quite book shelf somewhere in the house of

The Long Lost Diasy of Miss S L Gleaden (part 8)
Its reward for being a faithful travelling companion, not once complaining about the use of inferior quality biros or its cramped living quarters in the left side pocket of her rucksack, was to be absent mindedly forgotten.

The long lost diary of Miss S L Gleaden (Part 9)
Her youthfulness can be attributed to the powerful emotion known as excitement. An emotion that if it could be bottled and sold would probably do the world more good than the small white flower ever could.

The Lost Diary of Miss S L Gleaden - Part 10
It's a little known fact that when a fish swallows a book it becomes one of the fastest creatures on earth. Scientists have been puzzled by this mystery for many years but owing to the question of whether it is really ethically correct to feed innocent fi

The Long Lost Diary of Miss S L Gleaden (Part 11)
This girl is so dippy! Ten times worse than you I'm telling you! She's already got on the wrong plane and ended up in Burma of all places. Now she's hooked up with an odd pair, and they are on a mission to smuggle a small white flower with anti-ageing pro

The long lost diary of Miss S L Gleaden (part 12)
The girl she was looking for, came from England, could be in Burma, or Bangladesh or somewhere else entirely. She had slight criminal tendencys and a peculiar abilty to pack random, but entirely useful objects.

The long lost diary of Miss S L Gleaden (part 13)
The hedge, who it has to be said was not normally of a grumpy disposition, had good reason to be displeased. Weeks earlier it had been given an incredibly gruesome haircut by a well meaning but incompetent hedge-trimmer.

The long lost diary of Miss S L Gleaden (part 14)
"I remember the time I taught a goat to dance," Remarked I and E casually.

The long lost diary of Miss S L Gleaden (part 15)
Her heart raced and she filled her lungs with the polluted London air. She could do anything she wanted to do.

The long lost diary of Miss S L Gleaden (part 16)
Each item was placed with the up-most care in a specific location that only it could occupy. For example the bright green hair clip with the butterfly on it belonged with the refined thin gold slide

The long lost diary of Miss S L Gleaden (part 17)
Its funny how unimportant difficulties can seem when you are amongst friends. For once it was Molly who decided to break the silence.

The long lost diary of Miss S L Gleaden (part 18)
A curt goodbye and a click of a phone going dead and Rosemary returned to her rightful age. Questions raced in her head, why 2.47? how would she deal with the headmaster? And were they talking about the same S L Gleaden?

The long lost diary of Miss S L Gleaden (part 19)
"Don't worry about a thing. Everyone loves Great Aunt Jennifer!" But the diary did worry. As far as it was concerned, Great Aunt Jennifer no matter how lovely she was could not compare to the comfort of the oak bookcase.

The long lost diary of Miss S L Gleaden (part 20)
"You can't expect to put springs on a donkey and expect it to walk in a straight line."

The long lost diary of Miss S L Gleaden (part 21)
"He'd spend 5 minutes with her and turn from a sensible English gentleman into a crazy daydreamer." Rosemary had smiled and secretly thought that maybe the transformation was for the better.

The long lost diary of Miss S L Gleaden (part 22)
Instead they told magnificent stories filled with colour and life. They told stories that sparkled and jumped and shone like the coloured glass in the upper rooms of the house.

The long lost diary of Miss S L Gleaden (part 23)
We were to tell the receptionist that we were guests of Doctor Yellow Hat and that he would be paying for two nights accommodation for the three of us.

The Long Lost Diary Of Miss S L Gleaden (part 24)
The first time I saw Miss S L Gleaden she was 11 and she was sent to my office. She was a scruffy child, the kind of girl who always seemed to have a ladder in her tights and her shoelace undone.


Ballboy - A Europewide Search For Love - CD single
With the scene set the curtains open on those half dead hours when the earth expects some rest from prying watchful eyes of the waking world. The swish, swish, swish of the cymbal mirror the sleepless apathy of the hour.

The German Exchange - Review of Onward (Demo Cd)
The German Exchange, however, are nothing to do with Michael Jackson, nor are they bunch of school children as my dad thought when I told him about them

Beaumont - Tiara - Cd Lp
It exhibits a warmth slightly out of keeping with moody night time character that surrounds it.

Homescience - Jungling
The almost random string of words conjure up the kind of enchanted world that seems to get lost past adulthood: "Sandals and watching frogs jumping to be apart/ Late nights and fireflies stretching to be apart"

ballboy - Past lovers cd single
The single finishes with The Angels and the storytelling side of the band really kicks in with a quirky tail accompanied by a lone guitar.

VVAA Flair Of Spain - Don Quijote - Cd Lp
About what happened when a collection of Spanish musicians decided to honour the ingenious hidalgo Don Quijote.

Various Artists - Pow! to the people - Double Cd
A nice of collection of songs for anyone wishing to nostalgically remember the days of track and field, or for that matter, for anyone who just likes good pop music.

Desc - 4 Songs - Cd Ep
The minimalist feel of both the cover and the title is reflected strongly in the music where lyrics and melodies are repeated almost mantra style giving the feel of a tribal war dance.

The Starlets - Further into the night forever- CD Lp
The songs dance and sway, creating a softer less formidable world. Majestic orchestral arrangements back electric guitars.

Belle & Sebastian - Dear Catastophe Waitress- CD Lp
The new album is different. It is happier, maybe slightly less personal, slightly more abstract than those which broke hearts so long ago.

Airport Girl - Don't Dance Her Down
The eight piece band from Nottingham, have created a full sound, crammed full of all the magic of pop. The EP contains the ideal mix of songs: happy enough to lift your spirits but carefully balanced so it is not sickening sweet leaving you with the impre

Pale sunday - A weekend with Jane
a small piece of sunshine to add to the music collection of any indiepop lover.

ballboy - the sash my father wore and other stories
the real power behind this comes from the songs about love. Each written with care and sung with conviction, captures every passion, confusion excitement that come from being in love.

Degrassi - The form EP
Feel you mind explode with the force of the crashing guitars interspaced with gentle lulls. But this is just a gentle stroll in the park in comparison to the eponymous third track.

The 55s - Before The Judge Turned Us To Shadow
The hyperactive Ep is filled with guitar driven riffs and off key harmonies which shriek riotously.

The Pines - True love waits vol. 2
Although the subject of the matter is poignant, the clever wording of the lyrics contains a dry humour, which is sure to have you smiling.

Various Artists - Matinee Autumn Assortment
The CD features an exclusive Slipslide song which tells the tail of a romance that dies for the sake of a career. Considering the subject matter the tune surprisingly positive.

Various Artists - Romantic and square is hip and aware (A Smiths tribute)
The album is not full of pale imitations, but who needs that anyway?
Instead expect to find old songs being told from a new angle with a strength of feeling that the artists involved in this project must be given credit for.

Pipas - Bitter Club ep
It is undeniabley one of the best examples of bagel-pop that Iíve ever heard.

Giant Haystacks - We are being observed
The word that comes to mind when listening to "we are being observed" by Giant Haystacks is "manic".

Schwervon! - Poseur
To say the music is slightly infectious would be like saying a giraffe is slightly tall, or a zebra is slightly stripy. This is music that makes you feel good. It grabs you, it shakes, it makes you want to dance.

The Guild League - Inner North
A single one of these things would have been enough, but when I stop and think about it was the words. Words that feel so perfect I knew I could roll around the mouth for days and not get bored.

Ballboy - A Game OfTwo Halves
Her mind is filled with a images of a house in Dundee, of washing dishes, and the first time she had heard this song and she finds it hard to equate these people on stage with the band she first heard on a portable CD player

Jet Johnson - Breakfast with Jet Johnson
Music is amazing. It reminds you of things that have happened and even some that haven't.

Harper Lee - All things can be mended
From start to finish the album is filled with a gentle heartache backed by melancholic melodies. Written in black and white, it will wrap its arms around you and draw you into the slow rhythmic sinking feeling that it creates.

Havana Guns - She always goes on
Each song is filled with infinite opportunity and mystery and caused fresh surges of adrenaline to pulse through my body.