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A guide to visiting people

I have been visiting a lot of different people lately and what I have discovered that is that as soon as you step through the door into their house everything changes. It is like a new world. All the complicated rules that you have spent years learning with your person suddenly go straight out of the window only to be replaced by a whole new set of rules! As I am now very experienced in the art of coping with these changes I thought that would put together a guide to help you when you and go visiting people.

1) Make a good impression.

People are great, they know where the food is, all the best places to go for walks, and will scratch your stomach when you roll over. Therefore, it is very important to make sure that you are on good terms with the person who's world you are visiting, so make sure you introduce yourself properly. To make sure they notice you I suggest you jump up and down in a circle around them until you are dizzy. If your person is anything like my girl they will try to ignore you while you do this. The girl always says things like:

"Calm down Belle, you saw 'so and so' yesterday, there is no need for all of this!"

2) Make a through investigation of your new surroundings.

As soon as the formality of introductions are over with it is time to investigate! It is crucial that you inspect the whole house in 1 minute flat. Don't stop at the inside though, get out and sniff around the garden. I find that a zigzag sniffing technique is very effective way to cover the whole territory in as quick a time as possible. The inspection is important as it will not only will they tell you whether the person is likely to take you on interesting walks, what they had for breakfast, dinner and tea (and if you are lucky you'll even find a few stray crumbs that they missed) but it will inform you of any enemies lurking nearby. I once visited a lovely person, who lived in a very nice house. It was only after I had inspected his garden that I found that a squirrel had been there the previous morning. Just think of the trouble we could have all been in if I hadn't been alert to this!

3) FOOD!!

It should be possible to cover rules one and two in less than 5 minutes. Indeed although introductions and through inspections are necessary, do not make the mistake of spending too much time on them. Instead devote your time to discovering the exact location of the food in the new house. You will need to know (a) where the biscuit cupboard is, (b) who to remind to get food when you think your person might be getting hungry; and (c) whether or not you'll be having chicken for tea.

4) Learn the house rules

Like I said before each new house is a whole new world, and as soon as you enter somewhere new your person is no longer in charge. So once the essentials are out of the way you'll need to learn the new rules. You may be pleasantly surprised as quite often the rules are less strict than your own persons world. While I'm never allowed to go to the land at the top of the stairs at home, I have visited them on many occasions in other houses. I have even found that in some houses I am allowed to sit on chairs just like the girl. When this first happened to me I was very excited because even though the girl was not very happy about me doing this and said:

"Belle get down" in a very cross voice, the owner of the house said: "aww no she's a alright, she's a good dog aren't you Belle?"


So you see visiting people is a complicated business but now that you have read this guide you should be confident that you are ready to explore new worlds, meet new people and most importantly of all eat new and exciting types of food!