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STRESSED VOL 1 - Various Artists, The White Lies, Exit 52, Red Star Line

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71. The Wedding Present, Silverland, Misterlee, Sam Huxley, Amsterdam / Ricky
70. Francis Albert Machine, Mercury Tilt Switch / The A Forest
69. Shumai, The Boyfriends, Thee Moths, Harry Hunks, Farrah
68. This Poison!, Language of Flowers, Frankie Machine, Saturday looks good to me, Geezers of Nazareth

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Benjamin Zephaniah - Naked (One Little Indian)
Respected poet sets his verse to what this indie kid considers hip-hop. If any purists want to complain then contact our customer services dept. I actually like it a lot, I just don't think I'm cool enough?
Release Date: 14/02/05

LCD Soundsystem - DFA/EMI Records
LCD Soundsystem is at first a dance rock party album littered with dirty sounds and nasty grooves, but it also has great themes, smart lyrics and good jokes. Enough to make you throw yourself around like a sweaty fool.
RELEASE DATE: 24/01/05

Doves - Black and White Town - Heavenly
This is a turbo charge, sonorous assault; at times crunching and urban, sounding like a high speed midnight joyride through the industrial beating heart of Manchester.

The Somatics - Did You Ever Love Me? - Misc
Allegedly an Amazon-only release, the Leeds band preview their second album with a clever set of three songs. 'Did You Ever Love Me?' enquires the first, politely. 'We Never Loved You' comes the angry response, and the calm after the storm is 'Waiting...'. Promising, look out for more soon.
Available only via Amazon

Mama Scuba - You're A Long Time Dead, So What's The Hurry? - Redemption Records
Do quotes like "A glam-tinged psychedelic mind-spinning convulsive pop-rock inferno that sounds as if it's about to combust" make you think a record's not likely to be for you? In this case, they shouldn't - this album is actually quite good. 'Snow' is one long crescendo, and its title invites
(not entirely unjustified) comparisons with JJ72. Stomping melodic rock.
Release Date: February 2005