Johnny Mac - merely clinging to the wreckage of youth

Favourite Bands:
The Smiths, The Wedding Present, The Boyfriends, Cowboy Junkies, The House of Love, George Jones, Pele and Amsterdam

Favourite websites:
Fragments of Light

"I actually feel sorry for people who haven't had their heart broken, these are the times when you feel most alive. When you are completely and utterly in awe of someone, or totally devastated by them"


Coastal - Halfway to you
The sound of your heart strings snapping, like the sound of a smile cracking, like the faint gasp of your last hopes dying, or the nervous sigh of your first love blooming...Coastal have captured it all.

The Aphrodisiacs - This is a campaign
Significant steps have obviously been taken throughout the process of conceiving, arranging and recording this record, because the results suggest more than a bunch off kids playing with circuit boards in their bedrooms.

My Teenage Stride - I am sorry - Cd Ep
If this were released fifteen years ago, it would surely have come in a photocopied sleeve, possibly with a postcard of a railway station.

Morrissey - You are the quarry
Seven years in the making, 'You Are The Quarry' has a wealth of animosity, acrimony and ill feeling to draw on. High Court Judges, Accountants, Taxmen, Reality T.V. Pop stars, Ex-Band mates and world leaders are all fair game. Infact the only person to co

Keane - Hopes and fears
Much talked about in the music press, and on the back of a nationwide tour, the Brighton three piece unleash a what could have possibly become over hyped debut on the general public at last. And over hyped it certainly is not.

Giant Loop of Sound - Demo
Think of Paul Weller singing Smiths songs whilst being backed by The Thrills and managed by Brian Wilson and you're halfway there. Throw in the 'Randall and Hopkirk Orchestra' (a couple of old timers culled from the local brass band)

Cinerama - It's Not You, It's Me
It's like a tempestuous moment mid-argument where you temporarily lose control. That split second of madness when your real feelings emerge, only to be suppressed as you wipe away the tears and grasp hold of the reins again.

Tim Booth - Bone (LP)
But give a little more thought and you'll hear the sound of a man who despite being one of the busiest men in pop has an air of calmness in everything he says and does.

Weirdo - Hey, hey, we're the weirdos EP
Intelligent, energetic, anthemic, elegiac, delicate, sophisticated, introspective, apoplectic, melodic, menacing, subtle, it's all here.

The Concretes - Licking Fingers
The Scandinavians have an element of mystery, they seem to kind of want to keep themselves to themselves - could it be that they don't trust the rest of the world, or could it be that they want to keep all the good stuff for themselves.

The Boyfriends - No Tomorrow/ I Love You
How do I convince you that the bunch of demo recordings that landed on my doormat the other week are the most refreshing, vital, invigorating recordings that I have heard in many a year? What can I say to make you believe me,

Charlotte Hatherley - Grey will fade
The overall sound is sub-Buzzcockian pop rock, with overtones of the Undertones, and whilst there is an obvious Ash feel to it all it's hard to say whether Charlotte Hatherley has influenced them, of that they have influenced her.

The Fairways - This is farewell
This album could quite easily, and indeed, should be the soundtrack to a movie, after all, it is already the soundtrack to the lives of The Fairways.

20-22s - 20-22s album
I love debut albums by young bands full of self belief, passion and verve. Albums by groups of kids who feel that they have to work hard at what they are doing so that the world will sit up and take notice.

The Essex Green - Everything is Green L.P. (with re-mastered bonus 'The Essex Green E.P.')
There is the obvious British pop Vs. United States psychedelia sparring, the definite hippy against the mod rebellion; but then there are more subtle strains of country, pop and folk.

Clayhill - Small Circle
It's stunning, it's mesmerising, it's hypnotic, it's enchanting, it is purely and passionately beautiful.

The Wedding Present - Interstate 5 (single)
How many times have you found yourself leaping around the room to a tune wondering how the writer managed to be so in tune with how you were feeling?

The Donnas - Gold Medal
Right from the outset, 'Gold Medal' is a lesson in strictly controlled aggression, itís forever poised on the brink of explosion, itís edgy and noisy, yet vibrant and melodious.

This Poison! - Magazine 1986 - 1988
This Poison! should be lauded as one of the things that remained great in a decade that was in the main destined for the dustbin.

Geezers of Nazareth - Songs on the radio
It's the closest to schizophrenia that a song could possibly be before it loses all sense of structure. It's perilously close to the edge, there is just so much going on, it's fucking brilliant.

Shumai - Tastes like summer
The whole feel of the record is that of a D.I.Y. pop adventure, of sunny days, of optimism and hope. Not so much of confidence, but definitely of self belief.

The Boyfriends - Demo Recordings
I am going to resist the urge to wax lyrical about just how brilliantly innovative, passionate, and hopefully optimistic they are.

Harry Hunks - Revolutions from pink to pale
It's simple, but convoluted, the structure is plain, but the emotive nature is twisting and turning. The cello break makes 'Lets Go to Vienna' simply to die for.