The Results of the Prestigious Friends of The Heroes Drawing Competition

...And so decided to run a nice simple festive drawing contest for the hundreds of people that read the Friends of the Heroes...

Nothing too tricky, all you had to do was draw the hero you would most like to meet over the festive period. After much discussion between us at our now infamous meetings we drew up some rules (or as I liked to call them LAWS) and I was left to post to a rather large mailing list about the contest. The entries started to pour in. The drawings were of a quality that would leave the great artists of our past quaking in their boots. Picasso ain't got nothing on a few of the entries.

In true Tony Hart Gallery spirit we have set up a lovely gallery so you can admire the handiwork we received, and compare them to your favourite artists, maybe; if that's what you want to do. Well done and thanks to everyone who entered... and without further ado here is what you've all been waiting for... the picture that was the cream of the crop, the festive of the festive and the best of the best.

And the winner is...

Caitlin Pigtails!

Collin the sheep on Christmas day

There were two runner-ups:

Jule Doggy Dog...


... and Kirsten Kenyon!

someone who hates Xmas

Finally, you can look at all the entries here and moan to us about our voting here , and don't forget there's another competition coming soon!