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Monday, July 12, 2004

Tuesday July 12th: Name/age/sex/location- Ken/24/wouldn't mind I guess/London

There is a building opposite to the window of my desk at work that has a pipe that breathes out steam continuously out of one end.

The steam is the only thing that's moving at the moment. I've been watching it for the past half an hour - The vapour dances around, forming a spiral, twisting around in layers of circles. Sometimes it straightens up and calms down when the spinning gets too much, to get ready for the next burst - It is the only thing that I can see that's moving, anyway, the air is moving constantly, behind the blinds of the windows in the building there are probably people moving, clocks in there are ticking, dusts settling and unsettling. But I can't see any of it just now.

I can only take clues from what I can see, and what I know. I know the wind is moving, the steam sometimes gets blown by the wind, I can see it sometimes all swaying to one direction; I know there are people in the building, and I know people don't always keep still; I know there must be at least one clock in that building, and it'll be ticking, because not everyone have digital clocks just yet, and even then the displays will move around.

I'm still waiting for a clue to show me that my life is moving. It's been 2 years, and I'm still here, I've changed jobs in the company, and we've moved offices, but really I'm just spiraling around the same place. I've made friends, lost friends, found love, lost love, but I'm still looking out the window at a trail of steam dancing and disappearing into the air.

I can't see, and I don't know when, or if this will change just now. I could have sent in this entry for each of the past 134 days since 29th February, except for the weekends when I don't have a steaming pipe outside the window to look at.

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