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Sunday, June 20, 2004

Thursday June 3rd 2004-Atreyee, aged 29 year, Calcutta, West Bengal , India

Dull day extraordinaire! No exception from yesterday or the day before. Except the mail box. Keeping me going… 8 mails opposed to none yesterday. Otherwise I am disconnected from the world at large. On the third floor of my uncle’s house – old, solid no frills – just rambles into rooms after rooms, out of 74 windows into the livid hot white summer sky. Its two minutes to two in the afternoon. Around me is a sea of green, white and black mint cool mosaic floor. I’m marooned on a precarious chair facing the screen. They say, this sort of craftsmanship is no longer found in Calcutta. It’s just been swabbed by the cleaning woman smiling and meticulous –unlettered, she has deep thoughts- a natural philosopher. Ma and I took our north Indian classical music lessons in this room. It would double to play Dark Room in; with my cousin -the sons of Uncle L. –Uncle L. handsome at 65 will be joining us for lunch later. There is a continuous drone of a car engine – the motor mechanic garage can be heard from where I’m solidly refusing to budge, but can only be glimpsed from the kitchen balcony. Married to writing till lunch calls from below!
Outside a hammer stopped beating in the old Muslim carpenter’s wizened hand. Some how can’t recognize him in his trousers when he greets me. It’s only when he wears his work wear of a half undershirt and a checkered green cloth around his waist he starts to looks like Sirajul the wood work man. I am waiting for the computer fixit man to scare me with the bill and the year long maintenance charge. Although I know what it is already; the shock would be in print! Someone beating iron and making some heady afternoon music.

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