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Thursday, April 15, 2004

April 9th 2004- Schoolgirl, Scilly Isles

I can hear the familiar sounds of our family house waking up. My father riddling the grate and getting the Rayburn going to produce our hot water. My mother filling the kettle to make breakfast. Then I hear him kissing her goodbye as he gets off for work. My sister gets out of her bed and goes to the bathroom and I hear her getting dressed. If my mother doesn’t shout foe for me to get up soon I’m going to be late for school I think grumpily. Finally she calls me and in minutes I’m dressed and ready to go out.
“You’re not going to school without breakfast” she says and hands me a weetabix spread with marmite and butter-the only thing I can face in the morning. I run to school-2minutesaway.
The morning passes quickly enough Its Friday so that means maths tests. I run my finger through my hair as I’m working and watch sand fall onto the test papers. At last it is dinner time and mum is waiting at the school gates for me and my sister. We dash over and fight as who is going to push the canoes which is laden with swimming costumes and towels. 5 minutes walk to the beach and as we are swimming and playing with our with our friends school is completely forgotten.
I live on an island and I hope I never leave because it is the most beautiful place in the world.

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