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Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Monday April 12th 2004-Anne, aged 16, Paxos, Greece

I lie on my stomach on a lilo, hands dipped in the water, sun on my back looking back at the sheltered cove where my family sit. If I hadnít been told so many stories of people drifting out to see on lilos I would be relaxed. I press my lip against the lilo which is the rough canvas kind. It tastes reassuringly salty.
If I stay still and lean my head over the side I can see the pebbles through the water. The clearness of the water has amazed me since I got here. English sea looks blue when the sun shines, but I canít remember ever being able to see the bottom of it. It is always to swirled up and muddy.
In my mind I start to plot a murder mystery story but my mind gets bored and I start to remember books I have already read instead.
This is the first time I have ever been outside of Britain and the world suddenly seems so much bigger. The clearness of the water is not the only thing Iím finding it hard to believe. Everything is a different colour here, everything smells differently, and everyone acts differently.
I donít want to think about going home tomorrow so I tumble from the lilo and into the icy cold water.

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