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Dreamers Wanted

The friends of the heroes have decided to conduct a very scientific experiment to determine ecological niche of the elusive group of humans otherwise known as the dreamer. Preliminary experiments have led us to believe that dreamers may occupy or visit the world wide web but tend to prefer secluded corners of this formidable environment.

Extract from interview with Gordon McIntyre of ballboy

To help you identify potential dreamers we have put together a guide to help you spot them:

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1) Dreamers are the people who value the thoughts in their head, they are the people whose world is filled with colour on a grey rainy days, they are the people who want more from life and find it within themselves.

2) Dreamers are people who aren't scared of their imagination and who haven't given up inventing games even if their childhood has long since left them.

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3) Dreamers believe in the improbable, the unlikely and downright impossible. Ridiculous fantasies run through their head's like a film on a loop. Sometimes the fantasies turn out to be less ridiculous than you might think.

4) Dreamers can be found walking down the street smiling to themselves taking notice of small things. They can be found washing dishes or doing paper work whilst in their head they are floating on a clear blue sea or flying through space.

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5) Dreamers dream's sometimes spill over into the real world in the things they write, or the crazy things they say, or into the songs they sing. Other times their dreams remain locked away undetectable but no less real.

6) Dreamers lead a double life. They are hard to differentiate from normal members of the public but we are certain they exist.

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If you do spot a dreamer anywhere, or if you yourself fit the bill let us know

The friends of the heroes are committed to building a complex community for dreamers. We aim to offer people a chance to link up with other dreamers and we'll provide a safe haven for those who dare to dream of the impossible.

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