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You've hung your Christmas decorations up, written all your cards and are already sick of all the bloody mince pies but you have a nagging feeling that something isn't quite right. Something is missing. It just doesn't feel like Christmas yet.

Then in the middle of the night it hits you - "whatever happened to the annual friends of the heroes competition?" you ask yourself in horror.

Well fear not, we haven't forgotten about it.

On previous years we've asked you to draw us pictures using paint-shop and you did this:

Then we asked to deface a photo and you did this:

This year we have decided that you are all much to artistic and would like you to send us a festive poem or limerick instead.

The rules:

1) Write a poem (or limerick)
2) Make it festive
3) Send it to us before 7th January
4) Don't cheat

I know these rules are particularly complex so to help you out here is an example written by our very own Johnny Mac (be careful not to get overwhelmed by his talent):

As on his rounds Father Christmas made his way
Bringing presents for children to play
An over zealous traffic warden
Out of nothing more than sheer boredom
Put a wheel clamp on Santas sleigh

"OK it sounds fun, but I bet you are going to fob me off by offering yet another non-descript friends of the heroes goody bag as a prize aren't you?!"

Well actually the prize will be a friends of the heroes goody bag. However, we are pleased to tell you that amongst other things it will contain signed records from the brilliant Clayhill, various CDs, a mystery object signed by The Wedding Present, postcards, pictures, posters and much, more!

Email all entries to with the words festive poem in the subject line.





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