Places that play the music we like to dance to

photograph by Patrick Doyle

twisted by design

Twisted By Design

Fortnightly (see site for details)
upstairs at Dempsey's Castle Street between 7pm and midnight. Cardif

Belle and Sebastian Add N to X Badly Drawn Boy Pavement David Bowie Bonnie 'Prince' Billy The Cure Elastica XTC Sultans of Ping FC Placebo The Loves The White Stripes Bob Dylan Gorky's The Undertones Roxy Music The Teardrop Explodes Bobby Conn The Mouldy Peaches The Stooges The Pixies Nick Cave Half Man Half Biscuit The Smiths Blondie Ash Captain Beefheart ballboy Atari Teenage Riot Hefner Grandaddy Super Furry Animals Sonic Youth Joy Division The Fall Pulp Camper van Beethoven The Tubes P.J.Harvey Stereolab The Jesus and Mary Chain

"It's a nice little place - a function room above a pub, a bit like the Betsy. The DJ's got good taste and a wide record collection, and you write down the songs you want him to play on sheets of paper, so if you're there with a few friends you can soon get the dancefloor jumping to the songs you want to hear."


National Pop League

Last Friday of the month
Woodside Social Club, 329 North Woodside Road, Glasgow Glagsow

"We'll play shillyshallying C86-ish stuff like Talulah Gosh and The Shop Assistants, and lots of noisy stuff like The Telescopes and The Fall and Beachbuggy, and lots of deft chord-surfing indiepop like The Field Mice and Ballboy, and Hot Butter by Popcorn, and Linus and Lucy by Vince Guaraldi, and old punk records, and the Aislers Set, and Belles, and Smiths, and Dexys, and just about any request we can meet".

"..."The idea for the club came simply from the dearth of clubs in Glasgow playing old fashioned indie you can dance to. There are some brilliant underground indie clubs on the go in London, Manchester and Sheffield, but the lack of anything decent in Glasgow was something that had almost begun to embarrass us. So we decided to organise one ourselves."

dancing fools

The Winchester Club

Monthly 9pm-2am (see site for more details)
The Woodside Social Club Glasgow

Emma's House

Monthly 8.30 til 2.00 (see site for more details)
The Faversham 1-5 Springfield Mount Leeds LS2 9NG Leeds

C86 Sarah Creation Jangle pop Belle & Sebastian The Smiths Delgados Kenickie Hefner Joy Zipper Grandaddy Saloon Ballboy Kicker White Stripes Strokes Franz Ferdinand Bis Stereolab Broadcast St. Etienne Camera Obscura Kings of Leon Echo & The Bunnymen Super Furry Animals Ash Pixies Wedding Present


How Does It Feel To Be Loved?

Once a month on Thursday, 9pm-2am (see site for more details)
Buffalo Bars, Underneath the Famous Cock Tavern, right outside Highbury & Islington tube, london

The Smiths * The Supremes * The Go-Betweens * Dusty Springfield * Belle & Sebastian * Tammi Terrell * Aztec Camera * The Ronettes * Orange Juice * Beach Boys * The Temptations * Velvet Underground * Felt * The Shangri-Las * Primal Scream * Otis Redding * The Field Mice * The Stone Roses * Dexys Midnight Runners * The Four Tops * Dolly Parton * The Orchids

"Tortured soul convention. Unusual but it works" - The Guardian Guide (number four club of the week), 15/6/02
"Emotional and sincere songwriting from across the board gets the treatment it deserves. No, it does. Really" - The Guardian Guide (number ffive club of the week), 17/8/02
"London's premier indie Motown club" - Dotmusic
"Highly recommended club night this - especially if like me, you're hurtling at 100 miles an hour towards 30 years of age and can remember when there were club nights around for sensitive boys and girls who liked their indie music a bit jangly and want to hear it mixed with the best of Motown" - "Digging deep into a 60s to 70s selection with the Temptations, Beach Boys, The Shangri Las and into the 80s with The Smiths, Belle And Sebastian - 'a celebration of an emotion in motion'. Deeeep." - Time Out

 strange fruit

Strange Fruit

Check website for more details about this club

from Autechre to Aphex Twin, from Belle And Sebastian to Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, from Pulp to Pavement

Strange Fruit is a collective who aim to bring off-kilter indie, post-rock and eclectica out of the unknown, who want to make the music that so many people love, but so few people get to hear, accessible and recognised. Strange Fruit began as a nightclub that took place every Wednesday in Oxford, England. There we played the most wonderfully eclectic range of music you never expected to hear in a nightclub

dick nip

Bowlie Nite

1st Thursday of every month 7-11pm
Lounge Bar, 88-89 Chalk Farm Rd - Camden london

Free Design, Mamas and Papas, Beah Boys, Young Marble Giants, Stereolab, Belle & Sebastian, Black Box Recorder, Broadast and a Bowlie shaking selection of 60s/French Pop, Nothern soul, 50s jives and varied records of sweet melodic sounds, old, new and rare

a little reminder that Bowlie nite doors do open at 7pm, as recently some of you have been arriving fashionably lateish at 9.30ish and as it finishes at 11pm - You're not gettin' full value! Spare a thought to those DJs on early playing to the barmaid! so come early, take advantage of the happy hour(s) 5pm to 8pm ....and if you get there early enough, maybe there'll be some of Hatty's nibbles to eat!

tigermilking logo


11th October 2003
Betsey Trotwood Public House, Farringdon Road, London, EC1 london

Do You fancy? Belle and Sebastian, The Velvet Underground, The Smiths, Nick Drake, ONQ, Karate, Reynold, Shellac, Led Zeppelin, The Pink Floyd, Cut, The Sex Pistols, Buzzcocks, Slint, Joy Division, The sister of Mercy, Blonde RedHead, Sonic Youth, Pixies, Pavement, Hefner, Sebahod, Dinosaurs Jr., Stooges, The Make Up, At The Drive In, Econoline, Trail of Death, Explosion in the Sky, Le Tigre, Yo La Tengo, Sugarcubes, The Lucksmiths, Teenage Funclub, Jet Johnson, Camera Obscura, The Yeah, yeah, yeahs, Pastels, Kyus, The Who, The Kinks, Thirteen Floor Elevator, Bikini Killers, The Kills, The Strokes, Turbonegro, The White Stripes, Meanwhile Back in Communist Russia, Ladyton, Broadcast, Electerlane & Helen love, New York Dolls, Urusei Yatsura, Aisler Set, Ballboy , Wolf Colonel, The Clinetele, Lo-Hi, Tarentel, Spice Gils, Low, Smog, Stereolab

Breaking Hearts For Fun

Monthly (check site for details)
Canterbury Arms, on Canterbury Cresent in Brixton, South London. 5 Minutes walk away from Brixton Tube. London

Leonard Cohen Bill Murray Roxy Music Postal Service Death In Vegas Sigur Ros Beta Band Gorkys Zygotic Mynci Hidden Cameras Mojave 3 Shins Delgados Libertines Camera Obscura James Kirk Mint Royale Divine Comedy Go Betweens Tindersticks Billy Bragg Babyshambles Half Man Half Biscuit Comet Gain Magnetic Fields Stranglers Felt Pavement Elvis Costello Field Mice My Bloody Valentine Life Without Buildings Hepburns Beach Boys Dobie Gray Kicker Chemistry Experiment Ooberman Spearmint The Ecstasy Of Saint Theresa Clearlake Gerling Mos Eisley Wannadies Flaming Lips Grandaddy Weezer Pulp Saint Etienne My Life Story Strawberry Switchblade Teardrop Explodes Gene Hefner Housemartins New Order Love Dolly Parton Streets Jilted John Wedding Present Kenickie Jesus And Mary Chain Ballboy Stereolab Sleater Kinney Morrissey Camper Van Beethoven Hidden Cameras White Stripes Wire Jam Pixies R Wire Jam Pixies Ramones Dexys Midnight Runners Franz Ferdinand Joy Division Libertines Undertones Stone Roses Belle & Sebastian Smiths



see website for further details

Delgados - Belle and Sebastian - Pavement - Stereolab - Smiths - Sonic Youth - Pixies - Wedding Present - Hefner - Strokes - Polyphonic Spree - Manics - Placebo - Ten Benson - Hives - Sleater Kinney - Nirvana - Pastels - Aislers Set - Interpol - Gorky's Zygotic Mynci - Half Man Half Biscuit - White Stripes - Elastica - Super Furry Animals - Bis - Ash - Heavenly - Talulah Gosh - At the Drive-in - Helen Love - Prolapse - Mika Bomb - Idlewild - Dressy Bessy - Yeay Yeah Yeahs - Dead Kennedys - Fall - Blur - Field Mice - Kenickie - REM - Joy Division - Moldy Peaches - Ride - ...Trail of Dead - Jesus and Mary Chain - My Bloody Valentine - Yummy Fur - Gene - Angelica - Beachbuggy - Eels - Sebadoh - Buzzcocks - Rezillos - Dandy Warhols - Shop Assistants - Sultans of Ping FC and many more...

Want to dance to tracks by loads of cool indie bands past and present who never get played at the 'entertain-the-masses-with-bland-britpop-and-retro-and-drinks-promotions' discos which masquerade as indie nights?

if you know of somewhere not included in this list that you think we should include email us at