The second Friends of the Heroes year

Once upon a time in...

October 2003

Issue #50
where it's our birthday! Sister Janice enjoys a happy return; Tom tells us about a birthday; Belle tells us about people; Paul tells us about British politics in the past and Duncan tells us about American politics in the present.

Issue #51
where we celebrate the release of Belle and Sebastian's new album with a issue dedicated to the band. Belle answers problems while Sister Janice sulks. We look through Belle and Sebastian's back catalogue and share our memories of the band. Ian tells a story and Paul "interviews" Stuart Murdoch.

Issue #52
where Sister Janice gives out more advice and Dimitra puts 'Algebra Spaghetti' up against the real world. We also catch up with Miss S L Gleaden, Paul shares with us some tales from the front line and Ian and Johan review the Tindersticks.

Issue #53
where Roger makes a hard decision, Matti tells us a story about ancient druids in North Wales and Duncan tells us some more about American politics. Also, Paul continues his tales from the front line and Bob meets Mommy and Daddy.

November 2003

Issue #54
where Sonia shares with us her reason why, Janice realises Roger is missing and we are introduced to Mystic Dick. Also, Minerva tells us about Samhain, Paul tells us another tale from the front line and Bob meets Mommy and Daddy, again.

Issue #55
where Janice gets lost and Johan gives us a few reasons to wear a hat. Also, Jay interviews Richard Colburn from Belle and Sebastian (really) and Melissa tells us story about Fall.

Issue #56
where Janice meets the boss and Matt and Tom both tell us sad stories. Duncan tells us about war and greed and Mystic Dick shares some horoscopes with us.

Issue #57
where Janice becomes a princess, sort of, Bob and Matt share a couple of stories with us and there's another tale from the front line from Paul.

December 2003

Issue #58
where Janice performs a ceremony and Dimitra and Rachel both tell us about London and the bands they love. As well as that, Duncan teaches us about the Anti-War movement and Jay educates us on Doctor Who.

Issue #59
where Dimitra gives us a song for Friends of the Heroes, Janice experiences another miracle and Johan tells us about the dying horse. Also, Belle shares with us her guide to being alone, Duncan tells us about terror and freedom and Paul tells us a story about a priest.

Issue #60
where Roger fills us in on what Sister Janice has been up to, Duncan asks some taxing questions and Johan, Gayle and Jack tell us some stories.

Issue #61
also knows as the serious second Christmas issue of the Friends of the Heroes. Here Sister Janice treats us with two articles instead of one and Tom, Ricky and Johan share some Christmas stories with us and Dimitra sends a letter she wrote in her head while doing Christmas shopping. Also, Duncan recaps some of the things politicians have said in the last twelve months and Mystic Dick gives us some Festive Horoscopes.

January 2004

Issue #62
where Grainne welcomes us to 2004, Bob shares some poems with us and we find out what the long lost diary of Miss S L Gleaden has been up to. Also, Paul tells us about professional football and Johan tells us about dating.

Issue #63
where Duncan tells us about democracy and Matti tells us about pagans. Also, there's another part of Miss S L Gleaden's long lost diary and Paul's Profession Football. Finally Ricky tells us a story about being ill.

Issue #64
where Belle tells us about a bright yellow ball, Dimitra tells us about beauty in the world, Johan describes a sleepy town at noon, Partha describes the relationship between employer and employee and there are two stories about travelling.

February 2004

Issue #65
where Johan tells us about strawberries, Dimitra tells us more about beauty and the long lost diary of SL Gleaden tells us about Rebecca's collection. Paul shares a story with us, Matti tells us about Imbolc and Duncan tells us about the Hutton Report.

Issue #66
where Johan writes a letter, Dimitra gives us another installment of the beauty in the way that we are living and we find out what has been happening to Miss SL Gleaden. Duncan talks some more about the Hutton Report and Ricky talks about children's television programmes, past and present.

Issue #67
where Matti, Paul and Tom tell us stories about the trials and tribulations of love, Louise tells us what wrong with mainstream radio today and we continue our quest to find out what has happened to Miss S L Gleaden.

Issue #68
where there two more installments of regular articles, from Rachel and Dimitra and the first part of a brand new story from Johan. Ashling tells us about tall rabbits and sober pirates, Paul tells us about walking and Duncan tells us about our democratic rights.

March 2004

Issue #69
where Duncan tells us about arming the axis of evil, Rachel tells us about a soggy adventure and Belle tells us about some strange behaviour. Also, there's a story called Gravity from Paul and the second part of Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of Love.

Issue #70
where Duncan tells us about the treatment of PoWs and what we can do about it, where Dimitra wanders round Athens and avoids studying and Miss S L Gleaden fails to find her sea-legs. Also, Paul tells a story about life and death and there is the concluding part of Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of Love.

Issue #71
where Matti travels through Wales, Dimitra travels through Athens and Rosemary Hill travels to Miss S L Gleaden's old school. Also, Daniel tells us about bargain book-hunting and Johan tells us about a walk in the woods.

Issue #72
where Matti travels through Wales somre more, Dimitra bumps into spring on a dark corner and S L Gleaden's diary meets Great Aunt Jennifer. Also, Paul and Duncan tell us about political bombings in the past and present.

Issue #73
where Tanya makes a decision to write, Dimitra writes about songs, and we catch up with Miss S L Gleaden in India. Tom tells us a story about working in a restaurant and Johan tells a story about a man with many jobs.

April 2004

Issue #74
where Duncan asks 'who's afraid of a peaceful world?' Rachel asks 'Why are love stories only about falling in love?', Dimitra wonders why it is always foreign places that she gets homesick for and DJ Cargill tells us about junk food. There is also the concluding part of Johan's Federal Food Reserve.

Issue #75
Another special Easter issue. Here we find out about Grainne's first favourite author and Dimitra's Eastercolours, there are stories about diamonds, strawberry fields and ballons and in Johan's story a woman says goodbye. Also, Duncan tells us about the endless spiral of violence in Iraq.

Issue #76
where we find out about sunny days and motorbikes, a childhood, selective condolences and unremarkable genocides in Iraq. We also go back to Miss S L Gleaden's old school and a record shop.

May 2004

Issue #77
where that is a poem from Michelle, politics from Duncan and a detective story from Rachel. Dimitra tells us what spring is for and Tom does the same for telephones.

Issue #78
where there is only one article, about democratic propaganda and the war in Iraq from Duncan, because the issue was full of reviews that week.

June 2004

Issue #79
where Johnny tells us about Morrissey playing live at the Manchester Evening News Arena, Dimitra talks about hard times and good times and Paul talks about beautiful girls and their possible fetishes. Also, Johnny reviews Alan Collins' book 'Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now' and Duncan looks at the war in Iraq some more.

Issue #80
where Duncan takes a look at Reagan's presidency and Ian talks about web diaries and summer. There's also a poem from Paul and a lots of Scottish popstars being stalked.

July 2004

Issue #81
where there is a story from Kena and a poem from Janan. Rachel tells a story about falling in love and Tom tells a story about betrayal, while Dimitra writes in defence of summer.

Issue #82
where there's the first part of Rachel's interview with M J Hibbet, and Johnny writes about The Soft Set and getting over a holiday hangover. Also, Tom writes about love and living life and Dimitra writes about summer and football.

August 2004

Issue #83
where there's the second part of Rachel's interview with M J Hibbet, Rachel proves that we should have gone with her to Norway cause it was fun after all and Dimitra writes to us while travelling from London to Sweden. Also, Tom writes about boxes and break-ups.

Issue 84
where Dimitra writes to the Pipas from Sweden and London, Ola writes to us from Athens and Rachel tells us more about how fun Norway is. Also, Grainne sings the praises of self-employment and Paul crashes his push-bike a few too many times.

September 2004

Issue #85
where Duncan talks about land war in Sudan and Anthony Beevor's book on the Spanish Civil War, Dimitra explains the true meaning of a train station, Rachel extolls the joys of going to Norway some more, Paul solves the enigma of pole vaulting and Nick jumps to a different tune while watching tennis at the Olympic Games in Athens.

Issue #86
where Ian talks finds out a few things about the Metric Mile, punk and indiepop, Dimitra tells about some songs that make her go silent and the month of September, Rachel steals a day and seems pretty happy with herself about it and Paul talks with and about the homeless in Japan.

October 2004

Issue #87
is a bumper issue where the Friends of the Heroes celebrate their second birthday by reminiscing about the last couple of years. Also, Dimitra talks about the bits in between, Duncan talks about the Beslan kidnappings and Paul introduces us to the world of sport while Johan talks about being two and Tom tells us about turning corners.







The third Friends of the Heroes year

October 2004

Issue #88
where Tom tells us a story about how to fight loneliness, Johnny goes to a gig on the Isle of Man and Belle journeys to a land in the middle of the sea. Also Duncan looks at the American tactics in the war in Iraq.

Issue #89
where Johnny writes an obituary to the great John Peel who died on October 26th, Johan talks about red flowers and Dimitra goes to a club night. Also, Belle continues her journey to the land in the middle of the sea and Grainne talks about NaNoWriMo, while Duncan writes about the murder of Ken Bigley and Johnny goes to see the Wonderstuff and Clayhill.


Issue #90
where Johan tells us about Cocoons and Caterpillars, Dimitra walks through Athens and Rachel tells a story about a car crash. Duncan looks at the American elections in 1960, 2000 and 2004, while there are also live reviews of James Yorkston & the Athletes and the 20-22s by Grant and David.