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Ricky MacFarlane

Them Pesky Cheeky Girls
"Triff what are we going to do if we see them eye to eye?"

Mystic Dick's Festive Horroscopes
Aries: Christmas is coming and the goose is getting fat but you'll be having roasted cheese as you spent to much on you Christmas shopping. Hide in a cupboard on Boxing day as your old Aunt is coming round and she will surely be wanting a Christmas kiss.

A week off ill
Got the bus eventually only to bump into the old lady again who today was moaning about how her son Cecil never comes to visit her and how the prices of things these days are terrible.

White Trash Christmas
He told me to go and wake up Ma, Pappy, Jolene, Zeke, the twins, uncle Jeff and little Joey and bring them all into the main room. When we was all there he announced that he had a great night's hunting and we was going to have a humdinger of a shin dig.

Mystic Dick The Barmy Salami
He was always cast as a sheep in the Christmas nativity play and always messed up his lines by grunting instead of the making the customary bleating noise (sometimes you can't help going back to your roots)

Are the Scottish such a joke ?
Most of the people who sing this stuff are blokes in big fisherman style jumpers and corduroy slacks who know nothing about the country and just make half the songs up

Show me the Chesse
The Muppet Show speaks for it's self when I think back on it I still find myself laughing. The characters in it were outstanding and I'm sure everybody has there favourites, I personally love Animal, Gonzo, Beaker and The Swedish Chef

Mystic Dick The Barmy Salami : We Found...
The sun is heading straight for Uranus and man is it going to hurt. My advise to you is to stay in and prepare get a big bag of ice and one of them rubber ring's to sit on and don't be surprised if you walk funny for a few days afterwards... try to look o

Sunny Days and Motorbikes
To sum up about bikes you either love them or hate them.

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