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Sonia Luthold

The adventures of wak, as told by Robert the Useless
"It is good that you have a job" said wak. "Because you will need a job if you are going to buy food for me".

The adventures of Wak, part two: Wak On Rain
<<that is why it rains>>, said wak. <<you must think about all the things you have lost. without that, they would never become a part of you. >>

Old friends and the reason why
Do you have a place in your heart for those you love when they have made it clear, time and again, that the importance of their destiny overrules any ties they may have?

Reuben on the Celestial Sphere/The cat doesn't like to chat, just lie/Will I die with socks on
The universe, he said, when I was a child, was not like this;/the speed of matter and collusion of particles were different.

Summer Nights in April and Queen Jane
Thereís war on the radio and, no, itís spring, and now I remember reading about tulips and flu and Iraq-was it on the same page? or the same newspaper, perhaps.

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