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Grainne Lynch

Witnness Weekend - July 12th and 13th
I wandered into the Rising tent to get out of the bright sun. The band was just starting.

Stalking Scottish Popsters (on a Saturday)
It was worth getting up at 5.30 to get on a plane to Glasgow and it was worth the sunburnt shoulders!

A disease of the blood
Iíll tell you a secret. I used to eat ice. Not just crunching the bits left at the bottom of my glass, I used to go to the freezer and take out the ice-tray to eat the ice.

Something to look forward to
Now, Friends of the Heroes has become a little like a job - but a job that I love, with fun co-workers, a sense of responsibility and a feeling of accomplishment at the end of the week.

My First Favourite Author
That story stayed with me as an early example of how it is possible to change the world even when you are young and still in school.

Rodrigo y Gabriela - A Journey To Another World
The four musicians barely looked out to the audience, instead making eye connect and smiling at each other, clearly taking pleasure in what the other musicians were doing.

They are encouraged to be long-winded and write detailed descriptions of everything from the meaning of each characters names to the history of every place they live in, as well as long dream-sequences or stream-of-conscience prose.

Welcome to 2004!
We are all broke and / or over-weight, the days are short and dark and after the long months of Christmas hype, it feels like there is nothing to look forward to now. But itís not true!

Why Weblogs Are Cool
What's to be gained by moving it to a public forum? It can be argued that there is something vain and egotistical in putting these rants and ramblings on-line and assuming that people will want to read them.

Be Your Own Boss
When I get paid for a job that I've worked on from start to finish, that money feels like it's worth more than money I've earned from temping jobs where I've felt bored and utterly replaceable.

A Pirates Life For Me
When you have been lazing in the sun all day you want to settle down with your bucket of popcorn and enjoy a movie that doesnít make you think too hard.

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