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Emily Ann Potter
the girl who writes about exotic fruit and unfaithful moons

The Funeral
"Other boyfriends would ask me what they could do for me, and I would always say, 'Roses! I want to be surrounded by beautiful red roses!' But they wouldn't listen. They would give me a book.

Cantaloupe and Granola Day
Gram and Grandad both wear plaid polyester pants. I have never understood it. Are they more comfortable that way? Does it match their white shoes better? Does it help them play golf better?

Black Beret
He reeked of familiar spices and body odor. I could not get close enough. We were both there to hear the live music. I was there to support my roommate, a singer in local coffee shops. Mr. Beret is one of her groupies.

Dear Children
I believe in magic because you are magical. Iím practicing spells all the time. Iím learning to play. If I donít, how will I speak your language?

I am not the moons only lover
I was delighted. I knew the wind could sing. I knew that the trees could hold an amazing harmony. But never had I known that my precious moon had such a voice.

Naked Living
Listening to the river, all of a sudden clothes are nothing but a rash. All of a sudden I have more in common with the wind than with any boyfriend.

Melt Me
Someday you'll go on vacation. Someday you'll get married. You can throw all your somedays out in the street to get hit by that someday car. In such a perfect sunset, they are useless. You need a chair instead.

The Dreadlock Substitute
Somehow, as I have discovered, among the cosmic, extraterrestrial forces of our planet a substitute teacher with dreads is automatically "cool".

Virginia's Magic Therapy Potion
Such a soul as drowned as mine in the god-kissed and the mused, draped in dreams of gemmed divine, now awakened, wet and bruised.

Truth Shopping
The sun shone through the trees on the sacred area where we danced. We were a dazzling sight. A man danced with a tambourine to keep the rhythm, but we seemed to be making our own music with our blend of lights and colors.

Hallelujah for You
When mortals began to exist, angels felt sorry for our indifference and graced us by allowing hallelujahs to fall to earth like a meteor shower. We curiously picked up the little bits.

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