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David Strange

Another Chemistry Experiment Interview
I (Lee) was found trying to convince the internet world that the Bluetones are great and, after the initial period of ridicule, was invited on board...

The Nightmare Before Christmas
Even though when I was a youngster I watched a lot of kids cartoons and things, all saying that Santa was great and the nice guy we all know and love, for some reason I did not buy it. And every year, even though I knew I would receive gifts, I used to th

Eight reasons why you should never visit Greece
I am writing to you from a pleasant café by the sea. It would be even more pleasant if one could get a nice cup of proper english tea. All you can get here is tea with fruit in and herbal tea. So I am sitting here drinking frothy coffee, writing to you

Live review #2: The 22-20s at the Brighton Concorde
If the 22-20's don't make it huge in 2005 then I will eat my hat. English bands right now are surfing on the crest of a wave and the 22-20's are the dark black storm clouds ready to rain on the parade.

Race for the prize
Many people find the attraction of football very tricky to grasp. It is just 22 grown men kicking a ball around for an hour & a half and running around.

It's true that we love one another, I love Jack White like a little brother:The White Stripes Live at the Brixton Academy
The band apparently never use setlists. They just play whatever they feel like playing and this worked wonderfully well at the gig.

The best thing to come out of Nottingham since Robin Hood: it is the Chemistry Experiment!
The band has managed to win me over from a boy who had never heard of them, to a boy who asks them if he can be in their band. Anyway, here is an interview with the lead singer Steven Kirk.

Guitars and fireworks, it is exposions in the sky!
Their songs build up and up and then die down. It is pure magic. So beautiful, loud and often breathtaking that it should be the soundtrack to your first ever firework display.

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