The Friends of the Heroes Archive Of Contibutors:

James Danson Hatcher

Realisation of what was wrong - chapter 1
He took out one of his keys and into the trains plastic window he carved "Saver Returns are less than useful, they only save you £2 and you have to go back home on a set date".

James Wright

Sap Runs In My Veins
I never knew to be sad of the rain because thatís all there really was for me to play in, and so rain was just another playmate for me to chase through the yard, or help me build forts in the sandbox.

Jordi Trenzano

Family: 8 years of magic pop. No spanish lessons required.
If you ever dreamed about a record that combines the innocence of 60s pop with the magic of The Magnetic Fields, The Field Mice or even the best New Order tracks, this record is still the answer


Swansong for Mon
Across the borderlands at night they came, exhausted to the soul and dragging trails of blood behind them. The omens had not been good and the people, blank-eyed or weeping, expected bad news.

The System of Failures
Locks on your door to that bed where you carve those words into the wall. To keep you from going insane. Strangely, you find the greatest comfort in them. The soft lines glowing white in the few scattered rays of sun that somehow found their way in.

Archiving the history of the loneliness - Part 2: the Diner Monologues
Perhaps it was all the coffee and cigarettes that made me stay there in that booth until 7.30 in the morning. But I know it wasn't. It was her eyes.

Archiving the History of Loneliness
We would feed the ducks and geese. And I would find tiny treasures buried under the sand. A toy car. A feather. A pretty leaf. A shiny stone. I would always ask questions.

Mandee Wright

Cayenne Pepper
It is truly nice when there is good stuff to look forward to, like the appearance of your arriving shadow against a bright and alarming background. You told me, firstly, that Iwould never believe you, but that you had honestly misplaced your home.

He knew I was scared, scared of being hooked again or losing others so he put a yellow Band-Aid over it. We had the same thing in mind.

Mark Cassarotto

Me And My Pillow
By 24 I had become bored of living the multi-pillow lifestyle, and I decided to settle down with just one.

Matthew Henderson

I can imagine the young punk, tossing it away... "The Clash have gone off their nut! This isn't punk!" But that's just it. It's the most punk thing in the world.

Nick P

DANCE TO A DIFFERENT TUNE through the music, dreaming of nice situations, the chances he had missed, imagining that there were kids close to him loving the same records... trying to find lyrics he wished he had written...

Blue hat for a blue day
I must be the unluckiest kid in the world. I only wanted to make Helen laugh so I gave her that small piece of paper where I had written "look at her stupid hat". But Mrs. Green saw it and now I'm here sitting at my desk trying to write that stupid senten

Athens2004 (or, jump to a different tune)
Then I saw a nice English girl wearing an English flag as a skirt. It would have made a perfect photo. I got the mobile phone out of my pocket and took a picture of her secretly. I wished I had asked her "hey can I take a picture of you?".