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Paul Williamson
The boy who can argue with himself

An interview with the Trashcan Sinatras: The Band You Wished You Were
I wish someone would ask me what I'm like in bed (good at sleeping).

(An interview with) Idaho: Music To Remember Me By
Wow, that's a real compliment to the band. Thank you. (But that just tells me you're a very sad and desperate person who should be on a plethora of mood elevators.)

Dutch Courage: On the Trail of 'At The Close Of Every Day'
I like my job. One minute I'm extolling the virtues of Axel and Minco (the Dutch duo that make up 'At The Close Of Every Day') and, before you know it, I'm interviewing the blighters! Note to self: Say good things about people and they will flock to you.

Sobbing Murdoch Does A Bruno
Stuart Murdoch. He sings in a band." "A band? Hmmm…There was a man in earlier on. Pale, skinny, ginger hair…looks like he could do with a good meal and a makeover." Librarians these days. All style, no substance

Badly Drawn Boy: Genius or Goofball?
"Have You Fed The Fish?" he asks, though when we would have got the chance is anyones guess, as he never actually went away

MOZ ODYSSEY- A Travelogue (part2)
But it is the encore, "There is a Light that never goes out", another old Smiths classic, that produces the biggest cheer of the night, and is sung by an audience that suggests that their very life depended on it. And, for an hour and a half, it feels a

Twenty thousand beats under the sea with aqualung
one of these sons of Satan has at last validated their pithy selecting the song "Strange and Beautiful" as the musical backdrop for a worldwide advertising campaign for Volkswagen

MOZ ODYSSEY- A Travelogue (PART1)
"Dizzy London, home of the brash, outrageous, and free." Free? FREE? Nothing in London is free, Morrissey, or even remotely close to being free.

What made the Smiths great
They talked about miserably damp flats and stagnating at work in a job you hate, or they talked about unfulfilled love in a way no one else in the history of popular music ever had, and when they wanted to get political, boy did they get political!

It is Football David, But Not as We Know It....
Many of the earliest references refer to violence, loss of limbs, damage to property, endless court cases, and social unrest.

It is Football David, But Not as We Know It...(part 2)
Even the threat of incarceration failed to stop the game being played. Not only is this testimony to the popularity of the game, but it also shows up the inadequacies of several governments in failing to understand that the game of football was a simple p

The Myth Of Manchester United
There are many myths and legends eschewed upon the ragged tablecloth of history. The legend of King Arthur, the prophecies of Nostradamus, the shroud of Turin. As we hurtle headlong through the twenty first century, I want to dispel at least one myth

'The Honourable Profession'
Lord Esher's contempt for the sport, and particularly for professionalism and the clubs' obsession with "winning their games", drips from the judgment; In Esher's eyes, the Court ought not to involve itself with something so trivial as football...

The "Sunny Delight Generation"
come the next election day, the party leaders are enlisting the help of figures from the world of pop music in the hope that their endorsements might spark some activity in what remains of the brains of the "Sunny Delight Generation"

The tills have eyes
For him to say that he felt he had virtually got the job is a miracle akin to George Bush knowing that France is in Europe and China is not.

The tills have eyes - part 2
You didn't have to even be a member of the Communist Party, or even the Labour Party...

Did you ever love us? Did you? There was a time that I thought you did.

When you asked what capitalism was he would tell you it was the exact opposite of what he was and that, for you, was enough to detest it more than anything else on this earth.

One Hundred Percent Red
this was no group of pseudo-socialists, or knitting circles wanting the Bomb banned, or middle-class students hollering about globalisation; This was Glasgow, this was 35,000 very angry men from deprived Glasgow housing estates.

It Happened This Week Too, You Know...
Whilst the whole world no doubt trips over itself in reams of uber-orgasmic hyperbole at the Friends of the Heroes birthday party, there is another reason, another anniversary that should make any decent citizen of this here world walk about the rest of t

Bring Me Sunshine: A Short History of the Weathermen
Published in the 18 June 1969 edition of the SDS's newspaper New Left Notes, "You Don't Need a Weatherman to Know Which Way the Wind Blows..." (a lyric borrowed from Bob Dylan's "Subterranean Homesick Blues") was the founding statement of the Weathermen o

What the fire fighters strike really means
I want to tell you how I wake up each morning and sift through a media conspiracy of lies, corruption, and yet more lies, and I shake at the very real thought of our democratic process pummelled to a shadow of any former self, submerged under the jackboot

Ancient Rituals and Belly Flops: Welcome to the World Of Sport
British wrestlers - with a few exceptions - lacked the flair and athletic energy of their American counterparts. However, they created a pantomime-style world filled with bizarre characters who captivated the grandmothers who traditionally sat in the aud

The Not-Knowing
Whatever the reason, one thing seems clear to me; so-called 'ordinary' members of Japanese society would rather the problem didn't exist, and their way of dealing with it is to pretend that the problem doesn't exist.

Shaking Hands
"Let me take that for you, love" he'd said. "But you don't know where I'm going" she'd replied with that glimmer of a smile, a chance, that these days crushed him. "Ah, we'll find it" he'd grinned.

Home is Where the Heart is
... they can take all that because tonight he is falling through your window on a nondescript February evening in a nondescript nothern town and he is telling you that he loves you.

The Sea
...sometimes I would turn to her and make to speak but she would be sleeping and there was nothing nearer to heaven than the sight of her sleeping, so I would smile and leave her to it.

Alas, Kieran is Kieran, and they didn't quite see the funny side when he stood on their toes, breathed meths in their face, and whispered "Tai-chi make you feel no pain, bitch-boy."

The Years
But we can't stay kids forever. One by one begins the exodus from the home; some, fuelled by love, to make homes of their own; others, fuelled by inherent possibilities of prose, of sound and vision, to view the whole world as their home and to duly wande

Thank You, Baby
Gary and Carmichael surveyed the wreckage of last night. A leather boot still wedged itself amidst the shattered glass of the coffee table. nother leather boot sat at an angle on top of the television, with a bouquet of carnations hanging out of the top o

He felt an inward surge of conceit, pride at still being able to fit into said blazer (vanity ought not to be the preserve of the young, he thought) after, what, thirty-three years?

Winning Battles, Losing Wars
He got up, walked over to the window, and saw the moon sink low, sillouhetting the battlefield and the wars between the sexes.

The mechanism of the push bike
I don't know how many times I crashed my bike but, at a push, I'd say seven or eight. I maimed startled pedestrians, fell headlong into piles of bin bags, head first into steel bins, smelt the abyss and just kept on pedalling, scraping the sides of parked

Lessons In Love
I should have known. I should have known after she signed off the first e-mail she ever sent me with the words ALL MY LOVE ALWAYS (yes, the capitals were her emphasis, not mine.

What The Pillar Of Salt Held Up
I'm told by my mother (who's a kind of nurse) that she was told by people in white coats (who are kind of doctors) that if the clot had moved or built up anymore then I would have been dead.

And for my next trick
Money didn't bore her but what you could buy with money invariably did. In the end anyway. Boredom. That's what it was.

Revolving doors
On Thursday she told me that my brother was pregnant and that my cousin, who actually is pregnant, was six MONTHS overdue. She then accused another cousin who, having contrived to marry a solicitor and, as such, wasn't short of a few bob, of stealing off

For Someone That Knows It
Once, we had high hopes- Once, we had such very high hopes.

'The Honourable Profession'
Professional football was deformed at birth. The game was never honourable, never decent, never rational or just.

Notes From a Man on the Production Line
That's it! I've quit the job! The ecstasy of my burden being removed. The weight off my shoulders is almost physical. I'm drained of it all. Now, to know that one can concentrate his life on doing what he wants to do is the most fortunate and precious fee

The end of the day was best. Buoyed by life and our ascent into the hills, we'd collapse into each other on the sofa, slurp on ice cold beers and laugh at Fools and Horses re-runs. Life made sense then.

Tales from the Front Line - Part 4
The second half became a dizzy salvo of ‘whiskey nowt in it’ as Bob and I hurtled into the past-caring stage of inebriation. There’s a point between, let’s say, your third and your sixth drink, when the sober realms of logic and common sense remain like t

Then something within himself changed. He didn't find God or anything remotely close to that, but he did find a way of living through the hell he felt day in, day out.

'Momento Mori'
There is always a way of undoing all of the calamity in the same way that the fool has undone all of the good in life, all of the life, all of his life. It's just a question of the revealing, and if this tale ends abruptly then what then what then what?

Time on our Hands
There's plenty more fish in the sea, Mike. Dozens of beautiful women that do not desire to be covered in urine.

The Years (part two)
You can only do so much for people. It doesn't matter who they are. If they can't help themselves, if they don't want to help themselves, then you may as well watch the sun come up and let them figure it out for themselves

Calluna Vulgaris
You would make sure she didn't see you, winking at Niall as you crept up behind her and grabbed her around her waist, flinging her up in the air, her excitable shrill echoing through the drowsy amber sky.

Part 1
We catch up with Cooney a day or so later. He is not embarrassed at all, which makes us think that he MUST be mad. No one dares mention what he did, because we figure that if he is mad, then there is no telling what else he could do

School Days
Part 2
He felt that he would achieve nothing, that killing me would never destroy me, if you know what I mean, that no amount of guns or bombs could kill ideas... ideas and beliefs, they would remain long after the last trigger on the last gun

Part 3
My sister has a boyfriend, and he is always at our house, and she locks her bedroom door and turns the volume up on her stupid stereo playing stupid music... she can do what she likes, but I wish she did not make so much noise.

Schooldays at Christmas
Part 4
At least I can fall back on the comforting fact that I do not believe in another God or baby Jesus or whatever, so whether I sing or I do not sing, it makes no difference to me...

...whatever you do, do not stop living for something that can not be changed or be bought back, but what does he know?

there was this twisted knot in the pit of my stomach as I picked up the receiver and listened...

Once upon a time in a mess?
"I shall write a review of a film" I said, grandly. "what, by tomorrow?" they said. "Er, yes! YES! I will watch a film and write about it. All by tomorrows deadline" I said, suddenly feeling like a hero to their collective friends.

Trumbo, Fast, and a guy called Spartacus
For it seems to be a law of nature, or of history, that men who prefer slavery to death inevitably get both.

MAGGIES DIRTY OFFSPRING? On the trail of Irvine Welsh
What is Irvine Welsh then? Working class hero? Schemie boy done good? spokesperson for a generation? A corruptive and manipulating capitalist? Probably all these things and much, much more.

Becoming Charles Bukowski
"You sure those are shot glasses?" I said, somewhat dubiously.They looked more the size of those disposable cups you get out of coffee machines.

Becoming Charles Bukowski
At this point in the tale, Chinaskis friend gives a baby a shot of the whiskey.... but there was no way were were giving a shot of whiskey to an innocent, defenceless, child. For one thing, neither of us has kids. Instead, we gave a tiny saucerful to one

Trumbo, Fast, and a guy called Spartacus
Those who have tried to tell his story and keep alive the struggle for freedom and democracy have found themselves under attack from those who own and control the society they, and we live in.

Guilty as charged
I want to ask a kind policeman in Glasgow for directions to the train station and to not understand a single word of what is said to me. These are the things that make Britain what it is, great or otherwise.

Managing your hangover
Correct me if I'm wrong, but vomiting the remnants of congealed kebab meat and cheap white wine at 5 in the morning is hardly my version of heaven. There's no serenity, no angels, no great light, no sacred tunnel of overwhelming love, just carrots

Monuments to Great British History: The Pub
It's also the place where in the haze of a many a drunken hour I have purchased a cockatoo, been stripped naked by a counterfeit policewoman, been barred for falling through a wooden table, and sniffed amyl nitrate in the toilets on OAP's bingo night.

Superstitious Minds
In particular fishing communities on the East coast of England, it was considered bad luck if you saw a pig, a PIG, on the way to your ship.

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