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The "Sunny Delight Generation"
come the next election day, the party leaders are enlisting the help of figures from the world of pop music in the hope that their endorsements might spark some activity in what remains of the brains of the "Sunny Delight Generation"
Paul Williamson

Not In My Name!
On a sunny a day at the end of September protestors young and old, from a wide range of ethnic groups marched peacefully blocking the busiest roads in central London.
Rachel Queen

The tills have eyes
For him to say that he felt he had virtually got the job is a miracle akin to George Bush knowing that France is in Europe and China is not.
By Paul Williamson

What the fire fighters strike really means
I want to tell you how I wake up each morning and sift through a media conspiracy of lies, corruption, and yet more lies, and I shake at the very real thought of our democratic process pummelled to a shadow of any former self, submerged under the jackboot
By Paul Williamson

The tills have eyes - part 2
You didn't have to even be a member of the Communist Party, or even the Labour Party...
By Paul Williamson

Remains of a day/All you need is love
On the 15th of Februaury 2003 people in more than 600 cities and towns all over the world marched to say no to the war against Iraq.

Did you ever love us? Did you? There was a time that I thought you did.
By Paul Williamson

When you asked what capitalism was he would tell you it was the exact opposite of what he was and that, for you, was enough to detest it more than anything else on this earth.
By Paul Williamson

War on terror, war for profits or World War Three?
That’s Bush and Blair, our modern day Griswalds, lost in the desert of Iraq, seeing ‘weapons of mass destruction’ where there are none, and linking the former Iraqi government to September 11th and anthrax attacks despite the FBI's (yes, that FBI) insiste
By Duncan McFarlane

War on terror, war for profits or World War Three? (Part Two)
However democracy isn't just a system - it's an ideology. If people don't believe in it they'll overthrow it or vote it out of existence. Occupation and repression only strengthen nationalist and fundamentalist movements.
By Duncan McFarlane

One Hundred Percent Red
this was no group of pseudo-socialists, or knitting circles wanting the Bomb banned, or middle-class students hollering about globalisation; This was Glasgow, this was 35,000 very angry men from deprived Glasgow housing estates.
By Paul Williamson

Unhappy Second Birthday for the War on Terror
'If you choose to respond to this incomprehensible brutality by perpetrating violence against other innocent human beings you may not do so in the name of my husband'.
By Duncan McFarlane

It Happened This Week Too, You Know...
Whilst the whole world no doubt trips over itself in reams of uber-orgasmic hyperbole at the Friends of the Heroes birthday party, there is another reason, another anniversary that should make any decent citizen of this here world walk about the rest of t
By Paul Williamson

The Anti-War Candidates - Phony and Genuine
If American voters are left with a choice between Wesley Clark and George W Bush it will be no real choice - only a choice of which rhetoric they want to cover the same murderous 'war on terror'.
By Duncan McFarlane

The Gaza Bombings and The War on Terror
The main obstacles to peace are those who remain in power by promoting further conflict - Arafat, Sharon and the Bush administration.
By Duncan McFarlane

Beginning of the End of the Age of Endless Greed and Endless War
people have had enough of the 'There is no alternative' line at home and the bogey man abroad. As British and American soldiers and reservists continue to die in wars which are of no benefit to anyone but a tiny handful of corporate executives and shareho
ByDuncan McFarlane

The Anti-War Movement , Political Strategy , The Media and The Intelligence Services
The only way to defeat Bush and Blair is to undermine them politically to the extent that they lose elections - that can only be done peacefully and won't happen till new elections are held (probably next year on both sides of the Atlantic).
By Duncan McFarlane

Enjoying Freedom - At Home and Abroad
The 'war on terror' is supposedly about defending our freedom at home and providing freedom and human rights to the victims of tyranny abroad - 'humanitarian intervention' just like the Kosovo war. This is a lovely story and sometimes, by coincidence, it
By Duncan McFarlane

Some Taxing Questions-Our countries become wealthier every day - so why is life getting harder for the majority?
Of course both camps are talking bollocks. The public, as usual, are far more perceptive and progressive than smug newspaper columnists.
By Duncan McFarlane

It is white
"Cod are not very good swimmers so they are easily overtaken by trawlers and nets." - British government report on why cod fish are disappearing from the North Sea.
By Duncan McFarlane

Tortured use of the word 'democracy'
According to President Bush 'The torture chambers and the secret police are gone forever' from Iraq. Now this is 'double-speak' - stating the exact opposite of the truth as in Orwell's book '1984' - since both secret police and torture cells remain but t
By Duncan MacFarlane

Anthem for doomed pagans
It seems ironic that the oft-spoken reason for war, in America, is for 'freedom and liberty' and to protect American values and the Constitution; yet the freedom and liberty to choice one's own religion, and to have that religion respected should you pay
By Matilda Mother

I did not have Sexual Relations with that Dossier
Saint Tony went unto the Media and he was very Wroth saying 'Lo I appointed the Judge and decided what charges I should face and Behold has there not been a Miracle for I have been found Not Guilty on all charges.
By Duncan McFarlane

Butler - Will Wash Whiter Than Hutton or Your Backbench Rebels
Blair believes he has been 'vindicated' by the Hutton report but the public disagree.
By Duncan McFarlane

Arming the Axis of Evil -Are British and American Intelligence involved in promoting nuclear proliferation?
The notorious Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) went bankrupt after it's involvement in massive fraud and the laundering of drug money was revealed in 1992. Now it has been linked to funding Pakistan's nuclear programme
By Duncan McFarlane

Natural Causes and No Third Parties?
Internal investigations by the MoD frequently come to the conclusion that the cause of death was 'natural causes' or 'suicide' whether the deceased are Iraqi civilians or British soldiers.
By Duncan McFarlane

Bring Me Sunshine: A Short History of the Weathermen
Published in the 18 June 1969 edition of the SDS's newspaper New Left Notes, "You Don't Need a Weatherman to Know Which Way the Wind Blows..." (a lyric borrowed from Bob Dylan's "Subterranean Homesick Blues") was the founding statement of the Weathermen o
By Paul Williamson

A Furious Cycle of Killing
A new poll of Iraqis has been reported as showing that a majority want the occupying forces to stay. If you actually read this poll in full you find out it says something very different.
By Duncan McFarlane

Who's afraid of a peaceful world?
On the 22nd of March, in a scene which sounds more like some science fiction of a horrific future conflict than reality, an unmanned drone fired missiles which blew a 67 year old man in a wheelchair to pieces as he returned from his daily prayers
By Duncan McFarlane

An Endless Spiral
“More violence will cause more violence and this will be an endless spiral” - Adnan Pachachi, Iraqi Governing Council
By Duncan McFarlane

Selective Condolences, Unremarkable Genocides
if American soldiers are killed in combat that is held to justify killing civilians. How well would that defence hold up if the accused were Serb or Iraqi forces rather than Americans?
By Duncan McFarlane

Denial all over again
Revelations about American and British torture in Iraq echo the shock over the My Lai massacre in Vietnam. Then as now the American government and military claimed that the atrocity was the result of a few soldiers out of control. In both cases senior
By Duncan McFarlane

El Salvador in Iraq
Some of the Americans and Iraqis now running Iraq have a long history of organising torture and massacre - in some cases going back as far as El Salvador and Chile in the 1980s - and Vietnam in the 70s
By Duncan McFarlane

Reagan's mantle
After the death of former US President Ronald Reagan the current President Bush has attempted to take on Reagan's mantle - and in many ways he genuinely is following in Reagan's footsteps in terms of policies, rhetoric - and the gap between the two.
By Duncan McFarlane

Land War
The people of the Darfur region of Sudan need protection and agricultural assistance - not inaction, sanctions or regime change.
By Duncan McFarlane

Child Killers
Would there have been 4 major terrorist attacks in the Russian federation including Beslan within 2 weeks of each other if Russian troops were not killing Chechen civilians regularly?
By Duncan McFarlane

President Bush claims that the enemies US troops face in Iraq are 'the exact opposite of Americans'. Are they really? There's a White Man's Burden myth on Iraq that claims our troops are still there to help Iraqis build a democracy.
By Duncan McFarlane

Hunting them Down
Who could oppose this? Terrorist killings of civilians are wrong - no-one could deny that or that those responsible for them should be brought to justice. The only problem is it doesn't work that way.
By Duncan McFarlane

Done Deals - Presidential election rigging methods in 1960, 2000 and 2004
"Columbus (Ohio)...Franklin County's unofficial results had Bush receiving 4,258 votes to Democrat John Kerry's 260 votes in a precinct in Gahanna. Records show only 638 voters cast ballots in that precinct.”
By Duncan McFarlane

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Postcards from a city by the sea
It is old and new - more old than new maybe but I am not sure. It is also beautiful and ugly at the same time, but this sounds kind of cheesy. More specifically it has an elegant beauty in some places, and a majestic beauty in some others; and some times
By Dimitra Daisy

A letter, the Clientele and London
Leaning against the windowsill looking at North London skies I remembered all the times the Clientele had made me dream of London. I had pined for moments like the ones described in their songs.
By Dimitra Daisy

Eight reasons why you should never visit Greece
I am writing to you from a pleasant café by the sea. It would be even more pleasant if one could get a nice cup of proper english tea. All you can get here is tea with fruit in and herbal tea. So I am sitting here drinking frothy coffee, writing to you
By David Strange

Adventures in Wales
Gwynedd as a county can be weird. Gwynedd at twilight with an overweight druid, an over-excited witch and sleeping Japanese tourist can be downright weird.
By Matilda Mother

Come to Norway. It will be fun! (part 2)
The woman behind the checkout explained to us that entry to the museum was to our right where we would find the largest collection of chairs in Norway. Yes you heard me right chairs!
By Rachel Queen

Come to Norway. It will be fun! (part 3)
As the boat pulled out of the harbour I felt my heart swelling. Although signs of human habitation were still visible I don't think I've ever felt quite as free before. We drifted out onto the milky sea, wind whipping our faces. Breathing in the sights of
By Rachel Queen

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The Myth Of Manchester United
There are many myths and legends eschewed upon the ragged tablecloth of history. The legend of King Arthur, the prophecies of Nostradamus, the shroud of Turin. As we hurtle headlong through the twenty first century, I want to dispel at least one myth
By Paul Williamson

Race for the prize
Many people find the attraction of football very tricky to grasp. It is just 22 grown men kicking a ball around for an hour & a half and running around.
By David Strange

It is Football David, But Not as We Know It....
Many of the earliest references refer to violence, loss of limbs, damage to property, endless court cases, and social unrest.
By Paul Williamson

It is Football David, But Not as We Know It...(part 2)
Even the threat of incarceration failed to stop the game being played. Not only is this testimony to the popularity of the game, but it also shows up the inadequacies of several governments in failing to understand that the game of football was a simple p
By Paul Williamson

'The Honourable Profession'
Lord Esher's contempt for the sport, and particularly for professionalism and the clubs' obsession with "winning their games", drips from the judgment; In Esher's eyes, the Court ought not to involve itself with something so trivial as football...
By Paul Williamson

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Everything Else

Are Geneticists evil? (and other questions)
Mendel noticed, undoubtedly on a pre-breakfast trip to the garden, that the peas inherited characteristics from their parents in certain numerical ratios.
By Rachel Queen

In Search Of The Appropriate Form or It is Hard To Be Inspired
Ola lala (yawning)
-The only horrible thing in the world is ennui; and you are a total bore. Sling your hook, you linguistic bewilder-bully!
By Ola Szkudlapska

Guilty as charged
I want to ask a kind policeman in Glasgow for directions to the train station and to not understand a single word of what is said to me. These are the things that make Britain what it is, great or otherwise.
By Paul Williamson

Sunday Newspapers/It is A Big World
They described a world that can be annoying, or unkind, or insane, but also amusing, funny, interesting - a lot of things, but inspiring was not one of them.
By Dimitra Daisy

Christmas & Cooking/Greek Christmas Sweets
It was not until a couple of hours later when she emerged on the door of my room and asked me if they have Greek Christmas sweets in England... I admitted that they do not.
By Dimitra Daisy and her mum

St Valentine's day
The now sainted Bishop Valentine had helpfully got himself executed for assisting secret lovers on the eve of the feast; so he got to be the feast's new name.
By Jo Harrington

Managing your hangover
Correct me if I'm wrong, but vomiting the remnants of congealed kebab meat and cheap white wine at 5 in the morning is hardly my version of heaven. There's no serenity, no angels, no great light, no sacred tunnel of overwhelming love, just carrots
By Paul Williamson

Monuments to Great British History: The Pub
It's also the place where in the haze of a many a drunken hour I have purchased a cockatoo, been stripped naked by a counterfeit policewoman, been barred for falling through a wooden table, and sniffed amyl nitrate in the toilets on OAP's bingo night.
By Paul Williamson

The remarkable move
My cats look at me, wanting fresh tuna and not 'Nettos Home Beef and Jam in Jelly'.
By Bob Young

Spring Equinox
Or, in short, at Spring Equinox, we are celebrating the fact that, far from the vague hints of Imbolc, we now have concrete proof that we have survived the harsh times.
By Jo Harrington

Superstitious Minds
In particular fishing communities on the East coast of England, it was considered bad luck if you saw a pig, a PIG, on the way to your ship.
By Paul Williamson

Generation X Ink Polaroids & Being Alive
We thought it would be a good idea to ask a lot of people to tell us about the moment that best describes being alive on this planet for them. Here are some answers.
By Mandee wright, Grainne Lynch, Rachel Queen, Paul Williamson and Dimitra Daisy

There are warmer days and the height of summer, with all the attendant lazy evenings in the garden, daytrips, holidays, festivals and fayres, isn't too difficult to anticipate now.
By Jo Harrington

An alphabet poem
P is for the paper planes we made at the train station even though they didn't want to fly, and for pink lemonade
By Dimitra Daisy

Ink polaroids, Generation X and feeling alive - installement two
Snow again, then: the avenues and suburban side streets are bedded and downed with it, gone white as the freezing skies above. The trees are leafless, the roads are long and slow to walk, the city is beautiful.

Why Weblogs Are Cool
What's to be gained by moving it to a public forum? It can be argued that there is something vain and egotistical in putting these rants and ramblings on-line and assuming that people will want to read them.
By Grainne Lynch

Impressions of Matthew - Part 1
He had just broken up with and moved out of the flat he had shared with Zoe (with whom I remain friends, and would still pick to play Holly Golightly if ever I was to do a re-make of Breakfast at Tiffany's - but in a nice way) and was staying with a frien
By Johan Hugo

Are the Scottish such a joke ?
Most of the people who sing this stuff are blokes in big fisherman style jumpers and corduroy slacks who know nothing about the country and just make half the songs up
By Ricky MacFarlane

A disease of the blood
I’ll tell you a secret. I used to eat ice. Not just crunching the bits left at the bottom of my glass, I used to go to the freezer and take out the ice-tray to eat the ice.
By Grainne Lynch

Belle and Sebastian Memories
We didn't know much about the band at the time so, when some people entered our chalet on the first night and asked if this was where the party was, we thought we'd just be friendly and said...yes, why not?

Long before I knew I was a witch, Halloween meant more to me than even Christmas. That's saying alot for a greedy American kid in the height of the abundance, that was the 50's.
By Minerva Ravenwing

Mystic Dick's Festive Horroscopes
Aries: Christmas is coming and the goose is getting fat but you'll be having roasted cheese as you spent to much on you Christmas shopping. Hide in a cupboard on Boxing day as your old Aunt is coming round and she will surely be wanting a Christmas kiss.
By Ricky Macfarlane

Welcome to 2004!
We are all broke and / or over-weight, the days are short and dark and after the long months of Christmas hype, it feels like there is nothing to look forward to now. But it’s not true!
By Grainne Lynch

A week off ill
Got the bus eventually only to bump into the old lady again who today was moaning about how her son Cecil never comes to visit her and how the prices of things these days are terrible.
By Ricky MacFarlane

What A Toss With Your Boss !
You have just been introduced to your immediate superior or "Boss" , your controlling officer . A person , whom you are to report to every day of three sixty five days a year, and who will be the guy to scribble on your annual appraisal sheet.
By Partha Pratim Majumder

Imbolc - The Quickening
The trouble with a Celtic witch writing about the Sabbats, for a readership across different time-scales, is that by the time those on the far side of America get round to celebrating it, I'm already recovered from the hangover!
By Matilda Mother

Sunny Days and Motorbikes
To sum up about bikes you either love them or hate them.
By Ricky MacFarlane

They are encouraged to be long-winded and write detailed descriptions of everything from the meaning of each characters names to the history of every place they live in, as well as long dream-sequences or stream-of-conscience prose.
By Grainne Lynch

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