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A theoretical band, built over a light architecture of dreams...
"My Dear Killer"is theoretical no more. The band which started as a one-man-band now recieves contribution from a few people.
Rachel Queen

Lines, heroes, faith and magic, and an interview with Johny Brown
You always think there is something that separates you from your heroes... but there are days when the world gets drunk, or something, and it behaves a bit differently than usual; and on days like these such lines can, sometimes, be crossed.
By Dimitra Daisy

A reason to be cheerful on a grey sunday night-Interview with Dave Gorman
The man is insane... he is also one of my all time heroes and I was over the moon when he agreed to do this interview.
By Rachel Queen

Why the Aislers Set are great - An interview with Amy Linton
So I suppose if we can make a group of people upset enough to sit around and complain all day on their computers there must be someone out there who sits around and listens to our records and smiles.
By Dimitra Daisy

The best thing to come out of Nottingham since Robin Hood: it is the Chemistry Experiment!
The band has managed to win me over from a boy who had never heard of them, to a boy who asks them if he can be in their band. Anyway, here is an interview with the lead singer Steven Kirk.
By David Strange

Breakfast with Jet Johnson (the interview)
We had brought a Ukulele, and one evening when we were sitting on the balcony looking at the sea I thought of this song about how I hope there are cats in heaven when I die.. (not that I believe in heaven.. but you know..)
By Rachel Queen

Sharing the supreme weight with ONQ
Playing music makes me a chess player. Composing music requires the same logic and mathematic principles involved in chessplay.
By Stefano Santabarbara

Another Chemistry Experiment Interview
I (Lee) was found trying to convince the internet world that the Bluetones are great and, after the initial period of ridicule, was invited on board...
By David Strange

Stuart David - The Man Of Many Stories
for some reason my head was on the floor in the tiny space between the bottom shelf and the carpet. I am not sure why. It was pretty filthy in there I think.
By Rachel Queen

An interview with the Trashcan Sinatras: The Band You Wished You Were
I wish someone would ask me what I'm like in bed (good at sleeping).
By Paul Williamson

The past, present and a few trips to Space: An interview with Morose
That was the ontological motivation of the songs: to freeze myself, to take a polaroid of THAT ME in THAT particular moment. I think of my music as a sort of X-ray photography.
By Stefano Santabarbara

Hope & love & confidence & an interview with Ballboy
If it wasn't for the songs I don't know how I would function sometimes. The ability to say things I want to say in a way that I can't in everyday life means the world to me.
Rachel Queen

(An interview with) Idaho: Music To Remember Me By
Wow, that's a real compliment to the band. Thank you. (But that just tells me you're a very sad and desperate person who should be on a plethora of mood elevators.)
By Paul Williamson

Love Pop Faith Fun Punk & An Interview With Nixon
I think there are too few songs for the times you feel really happy. When I'm sad I can think of thousands suitable songs, but when I'm really happy it's much harder to find good music.
Dimitra Daisy

Ghosts, Love and Gentleman rock: An interview with the German Exchange
Inspiration, so fleeting yet all consuming. I live for it. It strips you of your inhibitions in a natural (sober) fashion and makes you value the things in life that are worth caring about.
By Rachel Queen

Clerkenwell, love stories and an interview with Stephen Coates
The book and the soundtrack share the same themes... It is the autobiography of devil and his love story with an angel... A love story that went wrong.
Don't they all?
By Dimitra Daisy

Dutch Courage: On the Trail of 'At The Close Of Every Day'
I like my job. One minute I'm extolling the virtues of Axel and Minco (the Dutch duo that make up 'At The Close Of Every Day') and, before you know it, I'm interviewing the blighters! Note to self: Say good things about people and they will flock to you.
By Paul Williamson

Who is Mr Gavin James Mcgregor Dunbar?
Me. Right. I'm from Glasgow. My favourite band is New Order. I support Partick Thistle. And I like vodka. Actually I don't drink it much these days, forget that.
By Dimitra Daisy

An interview with a band called Handsome Train
September is just a song that is made of and wants to create a special mood by telling a story about loss. Different fragments of pure thoughts are combined into a song that definitely tells you something, but not in an explicit way.
By Dimitra Daisy

Sobbing Murdoch Does A Bruno
Stuart Murdoch. He sings in a band." "A band? Hmmm…There was a man in earlier on. Pale, skinny, ginger hair…looks like he could do with a good meal and a makeover." Librarians these days. All style, no substance
By Paul Williamson

When Bob Met Mommy and Daddy
The people are really nice. I think they are more American than some of the people that are here. More in your face, you know. Like WHOOOOO!
By Bob Gray

When Bob Met Mommy and Daddy, part two
Welcome to the second half of a conversation, I had in a filthy dressing room we pinched from the Wannadies, with the delightful duo that is Mommy And Daddy. We return at the point where I try and wind them up with a topic I know to be contentious...
By Bob Gray

Music, Marriage and Masturbation-An Interview With Richard Colburn of B&S
I think sometimes Stuart gets embarrassed at the end of "…Arab Strap" and stuff, especially if we're playing hometown shows and, you know in case, his parents or any relations or anybody are there, so he has to make something up for the last little bit th
By Jay Eckard

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Some day I will find a way to show you why the Aislers Set are great
Because some day I will convince you that if you were a bit more pop you would be happier...
Dimitra Daisy

MOZ ODYSSEY- A Travelogue (PART1)
"Dizzy London, home of the brash, outrageous, and free." Free? FREE? Nothing in London is free, Morrissey, or even remotely close to being free.

DANCE TO A DIFFERENT TUNE through the music, dreaming of nice situations, the chances he had missed, imagining that there were kids close to him loving the same records... trying to find lyrics he wished he had written...
Nick P

If she doesnt smile it will rain
And for while, for that moment you were busy watching him sing that and singing along, the phrase kids like you made sense; and you could even say it out loud - sing it - and no one would think of laughing at you. Honestly, what more can you a
By Dimitra Daisy

MOZ ODYSSEY- A Travelogue (part2)
But it is the encore, "There is a Light that never goes out", another old Smiths classic, that produces the biggest cheer of the night, and is sung by an audience that suggests that their very life depended on it. And, for an hour and a half, it feels a
By Paul Williamson

Family: 8 years of magic pop. No spanish lessons required.
If you ever dreamed about a record that combines the innocence of 60s pop with the magic of The Magnetic Fields, The Field Mice or even the best New Order tracks, this record is still the answer
Jordi Trenzano

Saturday night, Sunday not Mourning
"arghh! Do we have to listen to that depressing rubbish again? Turn itoff and put something more lively on!"... perhaps dragging her along to two nights of indie music at theChickfactor Ball was going to be the last straw.
by Rachel Queen

Twenty thousand beats under the sea with aqualung
one of these sons of Satan has at last validated their pithy selecting the song "Strange and Beautiful" as the musical backdrop for a worldwide advertising campaign for Volkswagen
by Paul Williamson

When stars come out to play the years went by and my love only grew bigger, the "bloke from Holy Joy", whoever he was, became one of my heroes.
by Dimitra Daisy

Guitars and fireworks, it is exposions in the sky!
Their songs build up and up and then die down. It is pure magic. So beautiful, loud and often breathtaking that it should be the soundtrack to your first ever firework display.
By David Strange

Memories Filled With Music
Boxes stood un-emptied and things had yet to find a rightful place from which to be disturbed. I sat on a thick orange carpet in the new front room barely daring to move.
By Rachel Queen

What made the Smiths great
They talked about miserably damp flats and stagnating at work in a job you hate, or they talked about unfulfilled love in a way no one else in the history of popular music ever had, and when they wanted to get political, boy did they get political!
By Paul Williamson

On Nothern Skies and a Documentary About Nick Drake
I had not been so quiet (inside) for a long time, and for that I was thankful to the night and the pictures in the screen in front of me. Sentences formed themselves in the back of my head
By Dimitra Daisy

Why the Aislers Set are great (reprise)
I could not tell them why I was right, but I knew. There were moments in these songs that could change the world, if given a chance.
By Dimitra Daisy

Breakfast with Jet Johnson
Music is amazing. It reminds you of things that have happened and even some that have not. You could imagine for a while that you were somewhere else, that you were someone else. "Tula" has the strength to do just that.
By Rachel Queen

Hefner & Me
...I was standing under a tree outside a record shop (honest) and the boy who worked there said "come here and listen to this it is the record of the week, and you will love it".
By Dimitra Daisy

Hefner & Me - part 2
I do not know what you think, but I think that you have to have faith to be able to shout "there is a rat in me kitchen, what am I gonna do?" like, I do not know, a five year old in a playground.
By Dimitra Daisy

Badly Drawn Boy: Genius or Goofball?
"Have You Fed The Fish?" he asks, though when we would have got the chance is anyones guess, as he never actually went away
By Paul Williamson

Soon you will know that you are sane:
A rough and selective guide to out-of-the-ordinary music you might want to come across... or avoid!
By Ola Szkudlapska

I can imagine the young punk, tossing it away... "The Clash have gone off their nut! This isn't punk!" But that's just it. It's the most punk thing in the world.
By Matthew Henderson

It's true that we love one another, I love Jack White like a little brother:The White Stripes Live at the Brixton Academy
The band apparently never use setlists. They just play whatever they feel like playing and this worked wonderfully well at the gig.
By David Strange

Ballboy: A Game Of Two Halves
A sense of good humour pervades as a lone voice and guitar reverberates around the dark walls of the garage. At least one member of the audience finds it hard to believe that such clear voice can exist outside of their imagination.
By Rachel Queen

End Of A Legend - A Tribute to Nina Simone
I must attempt use the written word to pay tribute to something that was so much more than that. I must try and capture something flowing, undulating, ever-changing with only the net my words can assemble. I feel clumsy, insufficiently prepared, a little
By Ian Anscombe

Byron's Girlfriend, (The Real) Tuesday Weld and Fosca play in Athens
Part of the audience had just walked away while part of the part that had stayed was bouncing ecstatically in front of the stage and made the whole thing feel quite like a party.
By Dimitra Daisy

Rodrigo y Gabriela - A Journey To Another World
The four musicians barely looked out to the audience, instead making eye connect and smiling at each other, clearly taking pleasure in what the other musicians were doing.
By Grainne Lynch

The Glastonbury Experience
I went to the site and the message on it said that tickets "would be going on sale soon". In the time it took me to text a friend and them to say "Yeah, go for it", I hit 'Refresh', and there was the sale screen. By the time I'd booked two tickets and go
By Aïcha Boyd& Jo Harrington

Witnness Weekend - July 12th and 13th
I wandered into the Rising tent to get out of the bright sun. The band was just starting.
By Grainne Lynch

Them Pesky Cheeky Girls
"Triff what are we going to do if we see them eye to eye?"

By Ricky McFarlane

Say it loud, I'm p!o!p! and proud #1: The Try A Little Sunshine story
I've thought about it a lot and I concluded that this is what what innocence is all about: the feeling that you are new to things and all the enthusiasm and romanticism in approach that this results in. I have also concluded that this is a situation in wh
By Dimitra Daisy

Belle and Sebastian - an Irreverent Who's Who to the songs + Back Catalogue
A well-rounded girl with a slight speech impediment, who first had the misfortune to be deluged with a long boring sob-story about a story which turned out not be much of a story anyway, since nothing really happened, and then, for her pains, got to be de
By JohaN and Grainne Lynch

Algebra Spaghetti vs The Real World
I tried to save the day but it didn't work.
By Dimitra Daisy

Waiting for the Moon and My Oblivion, Tindersticks, Beggars Banquet 2003
If you'll kindly take your seats, fill up those whiskey glasses and abandon all hope ye who enter here, we'll start our journey through Stuart Staple-land.
By JohaN

Say it loud, I'm p!o!p! and proud #2:
And yes - my life does revolve around Belle and Sebastian, but you know I'm trying to change this. That - and not the fact that I had booked my flights already when Belle and Sebastian announced their tour dates, no – is the reason why I decided to fly to
By Dimitra Daisy

The day we caught the train... (not really a ballboy review)
The audience stood in the semi darkness mesmerised, pressing forwards, clinging to the softly poweful words ringing around them.
By Rachel Queen

Dear boy with the stripy hat
A boring, almost desolate town where nothing ever happens, only good for really quaint weekends away and Sarah records song videos. There was one of those songs in my head too - a song about heartache I'm not old enough to own.
By Dimitra Daisy

Fashion, Perception And Idiocy - Mainstream Radio Today
I have tried to fit in. When I was younger I tried hard. I listened to the radio so that I could understand what my friends were talking about, I tried to follow fashion, I tried to blend into the shadows but do you know what? It just didn’t work.
By Louise Jackson

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Books and Film

MAGGIES DIRTY OFFSPRING? On the trail of Irvine Welsh
What is Irvine Welsh then? Working class hero? Schemie boy done good? spokesperson for a generation? A corruptive and manipulating capitalist? Probably all these things and much, much more.
Paul Williamson

Once upon a time in a mess?
"I shall write a review of a film" I said, grandly. "what, by tomorrow?" they said. "Er, yes! YES! I will watch a film and write about it. All by tomorrows deadline" I said, suddenly feeling like a hero to their collective friends.
By Paul Williamson

Becoming Charles Bukowski
"You sure those are shot glasses?" I said, somewhat dubiously.They looked more the size of those disposable cups you get out of coffee machines.
Paul Williamson

Becoming Charles Bukowski
At this point in the tale, Chinaskis friend gives a baby a shot of the whiskey.... but there was no way were were giving a shot of whiskey to an innocent, defenceless, child. For one thing, neither of us has kids. Instead, we gave a tiny saucerful to one
By Paul Williamson

Trolls and elves and being childish
"Yes, yes, that is all very well," you will say, "but why would I want to devote my time and money to watch a childrens film about non-existent creatures?"
By Ola Szkudlapska

Trumbo, Fast, and a guy called Spartacus
Those who have tried to tell his story and keep alive the struggle for freedom and democracy have found themselves under attack from those who own and control the society they, and we live in.
By Paul Williamson

Trumbo, Fast, and a guy called Spartacus
For it seems to be a law of nature, or of history, that men who prefer slavery to death inevitably get both.
By Paul Williamson

How pleasant to know Mr (Edward) Lear
Back home, I took out my copy of "The Book of Nonsense" from the drawer and placed it on an honorary place on my shelf. I do not care how Miss Bess will react to that when she comes back. As the rhyming goes, "how pleasant to know Mr Lear!"
By Ola Szkudlapska

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