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The Friends of the Heroes were born out of boredom, passion and rainy days in Dundee sometime near the end of the summer of 2002. However their story goes back in time a while and it includes a club in Aberystwyth, Liverpool Street Station, a hazy afternoon in Forest Hill and some more rainy days, to say the least...

September 2002 was a funny month for Rachel, Paul and Dimitra. When they weren't travelling around to see gigs (and calling it "work") they spent their nights on MSN messenger discussing the site they were about to launch. What would it be called? How often would it be updated? What would it be about? And how the hell do you make something stand in the middle of the screen, regardless of its size and resolution?

Possibilities were endless but decisions had to be made. They decided to update the site weekly and to change the design each time too ("so that people would have something new to look at".) They agreed on five articles a week (Paul vowed that he would write under as many pseudonyms as necessary to keep those pages full.) They figured out how to align things at the centre of a page (it made Rachel and Dimitra dream in HTML for a while.) They bullied their friends into writing (and replied "write about something you really care about" to their "but what?" questions.) And they named the newborn webzine after the first song on the first Aislers Set record (not only because they thought the Aislers Set were great but also) because it summed up their ambitions nicely.

They wanted to get to meet their heroes. They also wanted to become more like them. And be each others friend.

where we are
Two years have gone by since then and a lot has been made out of it. The editorial team has grown to be much more than just Rachel, Paul and Dimitra (which has made the meetings an even crazier place if to be if that was ever possible.) Friends of the Heroes was weekly for the first seventy-five issues and has been fortinghtly ever since. This has, at the time of writing, resulted in eighty-six issues where sixty-two people have written xxx articles and yyy reviews and ten people have taken photos for eighty-eight covers.

Also eight people got excited enough to feel the need to tell the world why they are involved in this (nineteen times.) We liked those so much we made an index page for them and when we did we discovered it looked like the diary of our dreams. And if you're interested in Friends of the Heroes history, there are also the lists of the first and second year's issues along with their sort descriptions which are a running commentary of our shared life. You can also browse the articles written by subject or by author.

During those two years the Friends of the Heroes have also run a few competitions (aming which a drawing one and a doodling-with-a-photo one) and came up with the brilliant but unfortunate idea that was the February 29th project, drew up the Dreamers Movement manifesto and started (and stopped) a weblog. They also keep some clubnight listings, a rather quiet messageboard, a newsletter which might be revived some day and some links which will certainly be updated someday. I promise.

If this hasn't been enough for you, you can use to form bellow to search the past issues of the Friends of the Heroes. Our search engine works well with phrases in quoation marks or words that aren't commonly used. What you will get a list of the issues in which the words you searched for have been used. Those files are big, so it would be a good idea to use your browser to locate the words in them.

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Now if all that isn't enough for you, there's only one thing to do: become a Friends of the Heroes and do something about it. Do you have a story you would like share? A hero the world should know about? Do you think our stories would look better with your drawings? Would you like to see your photos on our front cover? Do you just feel like getting involved? We would love to hear from you!

Everything written on this site is of the authors of the Friends of the Heroes unless explicity stated otherwise. Please let us know if you plan to quote or use anything from the site. Not only will this rid you of any guilt you might feel if you simply stole from us, but we will be flattered, and probably love you forever more.

It is a lot more fun if you roll your mouse cursor over the text on this page as you are reading it...

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