all the reasons why

October 2002: The first ink polaroid and the reason why
Meanwhile, the idea has left its home in the sky and it was travelling fast through the atmosphere of the planet. I like to think it landed on the tree, looked around and bounced through the window. Then it landed again, this time on the bed, among us, the empty cups of tea and the Lucksmiths, Sodastream and Magnetic Fields records.
By Dimitra Daisy

November 2002: 6 a.m Christmas morning and the reason why
As I have matured I have come to realise that I forcing my obsessions on my favourite people was wrong. It is wrong to confine my excitement to such a small group of people.
By Rachel Queen

December 2002: The best thing about the friends of the heroes
Even though I can't point my finger to the moment when it all started, there's one thing I'm sure of: at that moment, we could never imagine what it would really be like. This is why I'm sure each one of us woke up this morning saying 'Nine issues! Blimey!'. Blimey is one of our favourite words.
By Dimitra Daisy

Christmas 2002: Flowers in the mud
This is why we stay alive. Think about it. It's not what we've done, it's what we might do, it's not where we've failed, it's where we might at last succeed, it's not the previous page in the book that holds the beauty and the hope, but the next page. You get the picture.
By Paul Williamson

January 2002: Spiders and happiness
Then I found out that the web-site would have nothing whatsoever to do with spiders and I was disapointed until the girl said that we might not learn to walk up walls, but we might learn a few other things which are just as useful. She said that different people know about different things that make them happy.
By Belle

February 2003: What friends are for
You can't always save the world. But you're a hero, so that won't stop you trying. We're offering a hand to hold, when you're tired, when you stop believing and when you can't see anything but the world falling apart. Together, maybe, we can make it better.
By Ian Anscombe

March 2003: Why, why, why?
The point of all this is that I am prepared to take the panic attacks, the piques of manic depression, the mental instability, the falling behind at work, the insomnia, the fatigue, the pimples on my face, I embrace all of this because I live in the Friends of the Heroes bubble, and there's nowhere else I'd rather be. Nowhere.
By Paul Williamson

April 2003: Birthdays, Thursdays and the reason why
Somehow, it's always all fine in the end. There has been no Thursday night when I went to bed with regrets. Instead, I go to bed happy and smiling, proud of myself and everyone else, and feeling like a weight has been lifted off me. It's the same every Thursday and it only gets better.
By Dimitra Daisy

Easter 2003: A story and the reason why
This site is meant to be a weekly reminder that the world can be magical and generous sometimes; and that someday, it may behave like that to you. In the meantime, I hope it helps you keep the faith: there are a lot of things worth caring about out there, and doing so can sometimes make a difference.
By Dimitra Daisy

May 2003: When you are a kid...
When you are a kid who has grown up but who still believes that the world is mysterious, and when you still get excited about small things, and you still believe that anything is possible, you know that you living in the land of the friends of the heroes.
By Rachel Queen

June 2003: Lucy and the dream of flowers
the days went by she went looking for something beautiful. She wanted to do something special with her life. Despite her charmed existence she felt sad, she felt unfulfilled but most of all she felt guilt at her own discontent. Until one day.
By Rachel Queen

July 2003: Sunshine and the reason why
Sometimes it was the line of a song, sometimes something said in passing by someone without it meaning anything. Except that sometimes it did. Or you knew it would, if only you could write it down somewhere, frame it in another life. Ink was liquid fairy-dust, it made all the difference.
By Johan Hugo

August 2003: Something to tell the aliens
It grew through happy times and sad times alike, boring times and exciting times, bright times and dark times and the feelings around it where always the same, too: thinking of it made you wistful, whimsical and homesick for something you could not define, but you thought was the future.
By Dimitra Daisy

August 2003 (second time): Who are these people?
I imagine FotH to be a coalition made up of the people who promised to feed the goldfish and keep an eye on the house, while their pals set up camps outside nuclear reactors. That's good, I can join these people. It's better for my health than the glorious, fame-filled alternative, because these will be the people who survived to tell the tales.
By Matilda Mother

September 2003: Something to look forward to
Sometimes itís hard work. It still takes me at least three days to write anything. Putting the web-pages together always seems to take longer than I expect it to. But itís good because itís a worthwhile way to spend my time - Iím creating something new, something that wasnít there before and something that Iím proud of.
By Grainne Lynch

October 2003: Happy Birthday Friends of the Heroes!
The summer of 2002 was a real washout in Dundee. Grey, cold and depressing. Not only was it raining but Rachel had very little money. "hmmm..." thought Rachel. "Time to start a website." She called Dimitra and Paul, and told them the plan. Must have been raining where they were too because for some reason they agreed with her and friends of the heroes began.
By Rachel Queen

November 2003: Old friends and the reason why
And there were letters from other old friends, too, or word of them - weddings, funerals, children - this one engaged, that one disappeared, one even shot herself. They moved everywhere -- to California, New York, Oklahoma... I was lookiní at old albums a lot that winter, wondering why people scatter so, and what they are all searching for, and what it means.
By Sonia Luthold

December 2003: A song for the Friends of the Heroes
It's not just about the things we love and how much we love then. It is also a protest against the years of vague unhappiness; a fight against what someone named the lack of dignity in every day living. An attempt to make our lives what we want them to be.
By Dimitra Daisy

January 2004: Nothing is normal when you have a bright yellow ball
"I'm sorry Belle I have to work" she said in voice laced with guilt.
"I wish we could always do exciting things but we can't..." she continued.
I sighed the biggest sigh that you've ever heard.
"But we can always have something exciting to think about, something that makes the dullest of days that little bit brighter."
By Belle